I’ve got some good news for you! You can read these articles I’ve written.

I’ve written a guest post last week for Sharp Skirts about how to ask for help, and how to find your magicians who help you here.

I’ve written a guest post on how to manage volunteers for Vivanista.com!

And thanks for the mention last week, Phil Cubeta at GiftHub!

And stay tuned, I’m writing a guest post for Pamela Grow on fundraiser empowerment and it should be up within the next week!

I’m also going to be interviewed by JMH for Generation Meh about nonprofit careers, why Generation Y and X go into them, and what to watch out for.

Thank you so much Carla at Sharp Skirts, Phil Cubeta at Gifthub, Stacy at Vivanista, and Pamela Grow and JMH at Generation Meh! Looking forward to continuing the conversation with you all!



Oh, PS. If you are geographically situated in or near Austin and want to enjoy a face to face meeting, thanks to @CaitStuff I’m now apparently attending these Twitter meetups called #BATHH… which stands for Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour. And you can usually find these event notices at Jacqueline’s Life, Bridge The City a very useful social calendar to help you network and find a job in Austin.

And of course, you can always see me organizing and talking at the 2nd and 4th Tuesday Nonprofit Career Club, and this Tuesday, we’re meeting Lisa Avra, CDO of the Ransom Center at UT. We are so excited! So come out and see us, if you’re in Austin.