If you have ever wondered how to do an infographic for your nonprofit, THIS IS THE BLOG POST FOR YOU!




Picturing Your Data is Better than 1000 Numbers, Beth Kanter, Johanna Marariu and Brian Kennedy are presenting.

http://jfouts.visibli.com/share/3a8XBj wiki of the presentation

Last slide Takeaways:
Begin at the end-discuss and identify results
Curator of metrics
Use experiments to help you evolve
Get started with a small data collection
Project that is high priority. Think about the hippo. (The highest paid person). Figure out which data points would be useful for them to know. Learn from your results. Take 15 minutes and just look at it.

NTC 2012: Data Visualizaiton Panel
View more presentations from Beth Kanter

I loved Johanna Morariu’s presentation!

Highlights from it:

Check out Designing with the Mind in Mind. Reading is unnatural. We recognize shapes first.

Design for Emphasis, Clarity, Unity, Flow

Wiki for session notes

Try just 6 11×17 data placemats. Do sense-making with people instead of powerpoints. NEAT! The purpose drove what the media was.

Nonprofit Dashboards don’t have to be flashy. If people don’t have a culture of looking at the data, it will not matter how flashy it is. Look at data rapidly, and look at trends over time.

Running out of batteries, so this is all for now, but it is being livestreamed so check out the NTEN website for that.

There are over 1,400 people at this conference. I can’t even keep track of all of these people. I think that I would need a month to meet everyone.

Next I’ll check out Online Organizing for a cause And 5 biggest trends in online fundraising.