It’s that time of year again!

The time when I (shudder) open the kimono

you know, and you find I’ve been wearing the body of a guitar for underwear all along.

That last phrase will make more sense if you watch this Kids in the Hall sketch.

Every year I write a post about what mistakes I made during the year. Because it’s important to acknowledge what you learned, and making mistakes are the best way to do that.

Here are my mistakes of 2012.
Here are my mistakes of 2011.
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What mistakes did I make this year?

I made some partnership mistakes.
Namely, I chose to partner with people who were not in the products business, but in the service business, who had a very small list, and who did not promote to their list at all. And I chose to give them half of my earnings, even though they were not working towards building a list or a product business. That was a BIG mistake.

I made some product mistakes.
I surveyed my list but then I decided to fly out some products that people had not expressed an interest in, and they flopped. Specifically, my earned income webinar, and my linkedin webinar. Nobody seemed interested in those.

Sadly, I made some mistakes of not taking the cat’s illness very seriously in the beginning.
She went downhill within a week and was gone, and it was very sad. I wish I had taken it more seriously. I mean, I don’t think she’d be alive now even if I had, but I wish I had been more sympathetic. She was so young, I didn’t think anything bad was going to happen to her.

I made some mistakes of not doing my e-courses until the very last second and having to stay up until 1am to finish them. That would wreck me the next day, consistently.

Leaving things to volunteers when I needed to hire an expert
I made the mistake of thinking that handing my new website coding, design and UI to someone who had never done it before was going to get it done in a reasonable timeframe.

Being a total hypocrite
I made a communications calendar but then I didn’t look at it afterwards. That was a BIG mistake because suddenly my e-courses were not getting done.

I can do it all!
I made the mistake of not getting an admin sooner, and getting overwhelmed in the springtime with all of the work I had to do. And not getting an accountant sooner, that sucked too! Now that I have one I feel so much more relieved about everything.

Nobody seemed very interested in the possibility of a union for fundraisers but I made a research report anyway
I made the mistake of thinking that my research report would get lots of coverage and I’d be able to build my list with it.

Doing things for exposure
I made the mistake of doing lots of free webinars with people who would not share the list of attendees, for “exposure”. And I made the mistake of thinking “More webinars are better!”

I made the mistake of taking hormonal birth control
WOW. What a big mistake that was. My hands are STILL SWOLLEN. I am never taking hormonal birth control ever again. It was SUCH A NIGHTMARE. And you know, I wish I hadn’t let myself get pressured into it. I knew how I reacted to hormonal birth control back in college but I assumed that there had been medical advances since then. hahahaha. NO.

Another huge mistake: Not starting my goodies giveaway earlier
SIGH. But that comes from being unprepared and overworked and stressed out. So… I’ll know better for next year!

Big mistake: Working myself so hard that I got adrenal fatigue. So now I have to recover from that. You might have adrenal fatigue if you had a series of shocks over a period of years and you just kept trying to work harder to recover. By this I mean, loss of a job, loss of stability, moving, breakup, car accident, or something like that.

Mistake! Wasting time on Perezhilton
What a big mistake that continues to be. I don’t even know these celebrities anymore and I’m still following their vapid little movements like a little fish swimming after a shark. How lame. What a lame waste of time.

Eating way too many rice krispies treats
You know you want to stop eating sugar, but someone else in your house is like a sugar fiend? So you go along with it because sugar is delicious? Yeah.

One of the things I’m happy about is that I didn’t make the mistakes I made last year. Specifically I didn’t try to get involved in 3 businesses or another startup. I seem to have learned that lesson, that if I just sit still and work on one thing, I can succeed.

Okay, I may be forgetting something but that’s just going to have to go on the mistake list for next year.

What mistakes have you made this last year? What did you learn from these mistakes?

New mantra: Always Make New Mistakes!