Hi! It’s the end of the year! FINALLY!

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!

What a bumpy road! What a surprise this year was. Here are my mistakes for 2016.

I’m hoping next year gets better for all of us.

Maybe you know that I like to teach people about annual reports, but did you know I also like to make my OWN annual report, every year, and share it with you?

I do!

In my Wild Woman Fundraising Annual Report, I share travel photos, a financial snapshot of the business, and what I learned this year.

I also use it to say thank you to everyone who has read my blog, signed up for my enewsletter, everyone who has bought a product, and everyone who has attended a free or paid event that I have done.

My mission is fundraising empowerment. You help me achieve my mission.

With your help, I am able to teach thousands of fundraisers, all over the world, every year. This strengthens our sector, and gives us more money for our missions!

I couldn’t do this work without you. I am so grateful to you for reading this right now.

Why do I make this?

Because I love being transparent with you. It helps me feel like we’re all in this journey together.

One thing that I did differently this year is that I shared a MAJOR realization I had-it’s on the second to last page of the annual report. What do you think of it?

If you’d like to read my annual report for 2016, just click here or the image below to download the PDF. (3MB)

ANnual report 2016

What do you think of my annual report this year? Please leave a comment.