You know what? This annual report is REALLY going to be a gratitude report. Because NONE of this would have happened without the incredibly special people listed below. HOLY MOLY. I AM SO SO LUCKY.  I was chilling with my person and they said, “You know, you talk about how grateful you are, a lot.” And I guess it’s because I end each day with thinking about how happy and grateful I am that so many good things happened… and then I list them!


FIRST OF ALL! WOW! I AM SO SO SO GRATEFUL TO YOU! Thank you for reading!


Community Thank yous!

With Elaine Lou‘s help, I stopped going it alone. I started celebrating small wins.  I started working with the Aligned Action mastermind with Elaine Lou! I got over my fear of rejection and had TONS of phonecalls with folks, asking them what they wanted!

Elaine Lou mastermind Mazarine Treyz

Thanks to Elaine Lou, I went on a business retreat and started building meaningful partnerships with powerful women! More that that, I realized that I could be as spiritual with my business as I wanted to be, and that was a big realization for me. SO,

Career Astrology

My new logo!

I started Career Astrology and learned about how to do better human design and destiny card readings. And how to frame my work to help people feel more satisfied in their work lives!

Also thanks to Elaine I made new business friends in Portland! Thank you to Kat and Monica for sharing your friendship magic with me!

vanessa chase lockshin rocks!

Thanks to Vanessa Chase Lockshin and Gabrielle Lacasse, I learned how to create systems and structures for my business! I asked for help with this and I GOT IT!

Thanks to my friend Kristen Curry, I taught an art class for the first time since 2011 and it felt REALLY GOOD! I want to do more art classes! YAY! Also, thanks to Kristen, I dressed up a lot more, and did a lot more dance, art, and parties! Kristen is always EXTRA and SERVING A LOOK and I LOVE IT. (behold her look above for the fairy garden party!) 

Kishshana Palmer is AWESOME

Thank you to my friend Kishshana Palmer for helping me make a better speaking packet, and being just so inspirational in everything she does! WOW.

Speaking Thank Yous!

I got to speak at so many fun places this year!

I spoke at AFP ICON for the second time! What a pleasure! At this event, I got to meet the incredible Erica Busillo-Adams (to my left here holding the spear!) and she wrote a post for me about why fundraisers need to dance more! Thank you Erica!

AFP ICON Erica Busillo Adams

Erica Busillo-Adams and I

Mazarine Treyz Speaker

Also got to meet some more fab folks at the diversity reception at AFP ICON!

I also got to speak for Bloomerang again (Thanks Steven!), for DSAIA (thanks Deanna), for Oregon Metro (thanks Riko!), for Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (thanks Ginny!)

mazarine treyz speaking 2019for AFP First Coast (thanks Trish!), for the Orcas Island Community Foundation (thanks Kate and Hilary!),

oregon Womens health network

Speaking at the oregon Womens health network panel

on a panel for the Oregon Women’s Health Network (thanks Della Rae!)

for the Business Diversity Institute Breakfast (thank you Lee!)

for the Inclined to Rise Networking event (Thanks Kat and Monica!), for the Aligned Action Mastermind, (thanks Elaine!), for the MHA Dutchess board retreat (thanks Andrew and Nicole!), and to everyone else too!  

Client Thank yous!

Thanks to my incredible clients, I got to go apply all of this fundraising knowledge in the real world! Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t! We definitely made progress together this year!

This year, I retained some government and nonprofit and corporate clients and got new ones! Thank you so much to Jena and Nicole at Jacksonville University, just LOVED working with you this year! Thank you also to Nicole at MHA Dutchess, it’s been SUCH a pleasure! And thanks too to Sarah Oliveri of Pivotground for making it possible! Thanks too to Tracy at the National Museum of Jazz in Harlem, WOW! So fun to see you again this year!

my awesome clients

My Awesome Clients at Food on Foot!

Thank you again for Food on Foot, my awesome clients! (pictured above!) I love working with you! And I tell everyone about your innovative fundraising methods. Hope we can present together on your incredible successes in 2020!

Thank you again so much to Riko, I had so much fun making meaningful networking and partnership events for Oregon Metro this year!

bloomerang research graphic on what nonprofit employees really want

Thanks to Steven Shattuck, I wrote rabble rousing blog posts every month for Bloomerang and that was really fun! I liked working with them, and it was fun to put our research out there as well.Thank you Steven for helping me gather a survey on what people in nonprofits REALLY want!

Oh my gosh thanks to Sophia Treyger of radical pleasurist for having me on her youtube channel and facebook live! It was so funny to talk about my experiment!

Thanks to some massive encouragement and inspiration from my person, I learned how to write a romance novel through D&D! HAHA! I also read a TON of romance novels… to figure out the basic structure. that’s the only reason. Really. 😉

Mazarine Treyz

how to prevent burnout at your nonprofit job

Thanks again to Vanessa Chase Lockshin, I started doing youtube videos more deliberately, based on my expertise, and what people want. And I sold more books because of it! I also learned how to do cards, and link my other videos, and other youtube tricks.

Mazarine Treyz Speaking

Mazarine SPEAKS! In Florida First Coast AFP!


Thanks to guidance from Elaine Lou, I started doing speaking engagements more deliberately, and getting clients from speaking engagements a LOT more! This was a fascinating and useful process to learn. tanya Odom name it podcast

Thanks to Helen Choi, (and our generous guests!) we made an incredible popular podcast to help the nonprofit sector wake up and smell the unconscious bias! Our new podcast has over 2,000 downloads! Thanks to YOU! 

Thanks to Javelyn Consorte for INCREDIBLE work making my websites, graphics and research look good!

mazarine treyz

Thanks to MinNefer Mernahkem of AGC Branding for his incredible co-presenting at Metro and guidance in branding! And his friendship! Here’s our silly sushi experiment hahaah and me screwing up so badly!

Work/Life Balance Gratitude!

Mazarine Treyz

These are my sweet family!

I learned that I can go back and see my family a lot and STILL have a thriving business. PLUS!

erin Donley is awesome

I got to have more meaningful conversations with the author of Don’t tell me to calm down, Erin Donley! WOW! Thank you so much Erin, for your friendship!

Thanks to my friends Kristen Curry and Natasha K, I made a LOT of art! including FOOD art!

gelatin food art, a sunflower in orange gelatin with orange flowers

I went hiking alone!

Mazarine Treyz

I went hiking with new friends! I made art alone! I made art with other friends! I had movie nights! I went to see comedy! I went to Holi finally!

I went to music shows alone! I went to ecstatic dance and blues dancing! Thanks to my friend Andrew Kaiser, I did more gorgeous photoshoots! Spontaneous and planned!

No thanks at all to scammers, I learned that YES you can get money back from scammers.



Health Gratitude!


Thanks to my cousin Joy, I experimented with meditating almost every day, from February on. And wow. It was fantastic. I am going to do more of that!


Thanks to my friend Vanessa Chase Lockshin, I learned that I can survive without sugar for 21 days, and it made me eat less sugar for the rest of the year! I would like to try that again next year. She inspired me! And we did it together. WOW! What a friend, right? Here’s the book we used. (Powells.com my friends!)


Thanks to my mom’s encouragement, I got healthcare. (NOT insurance) with direct primary care. Now my doctor actually knows me, I can see her, and if I just need a phonecall with her, I can have that instead.


Thanks to Natasha Kolosowsky, I learned about my shadow, and I made 2 masks! It helped me heal in ways I can’t express. It was SO POWERFUL.


If you want to learn about my MISTAKES of the year, ALREADY GOT YOU COVERED! Please go here to read about my MISTAKES THANK YOU.

Finally, thank you, again, so much, for reading.


oregon womens health network

And I could not have done it without YOU! THANK YOU for being with me on this journey! Let’s keep growing together.

Leveling UP



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