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It’s THAT time of year again! When i tell you about my MISTAKES! OH MY GOSH! SO MANY Beautiful MISTAKES! LET’S TALK ABOUT THEM!



0. I let contracts slide-this was a huge source of guilt for me- because I do not like to make them! AND NOW I have lovely templates for my contracts! I still need to be getting better about sending out proposals and then contracts directly after! But I am getting better at that. Because I hired someone to make a contract for me! 🙂 And another person to make graphic design templates! 🙂


1. I tried to make a mastermind and nobody bought it. I even reached out to colleagues and asked them if they wanted to be part of it as teachers and they said yes! And then i very shamefacedly told them oops nobody bought! UGH. Speaking of things that nobody bought,  I put together a whole outreach plan to reach out to associations, and they just were not going to play with me. Which is a bummer. And I put together documents and landing pages to reach out to foundations to get them to offer my courses to their grantees and then I never reached out to them. HOWEVER. I could still do this next year.


2.  I paid for the webinar plan for zoom and mostly did not do webinars this year, so that was a waste of money. Ugh! I kept meaning to schedule them,… and then… just getting busy and not doing it! One thing I think contributed to this is that I used to make sales through webinars, and now… I just have long-term clients, new clients and clients I’m getting from in-person speaking gigs and don’t need to make money through selling on webinars.

I’ve done so many webinars for so long… it seemed like they just naturally happened… and I fell off the stick this year on that one. Maybe it’s ok though, because I am making money with clients instead of products! Maybe people are tired of webinars? Are you? I did webinars for other people- Like DSAIA, and MS Nonprofit Alliance, and Bloomerang, and Nonprofit Leadership Alliance “Leaderosity” also. And I did 2 online board retreats so that was fun, to see if I could do that!


3. I did some in-person board retreats too! One thing I learned is that 2 hours is not enough time!


4. I learned I need to make systems and plans and structures in my business, and that even though i have been doing my business for 10 years, I basically… do not have a system. So working with my coach, Elaine Lou, i started to learn how important this is, and I started to get people to help me make systems.

5. I started a podcast with no business purpose. Was that a mistake? MAYBE? I don’t know. Do people usually start podcasts to make money from them? I thought they did! Well, this podcast did not make money. I sunk a lot of money and time into it. I got tired of spending so much money and time on it, even though it was fun to do. I learned a lot, interviewing people about systems of oppression, patriarchy, white supremacy. It was a business mistake but I think from a learning and social justice perspective, it was a rousing success. I feel like I learned a lot. I feel like our listeners learned a lot. And I feel like I got at the core hypocrisy of the nonprofit sector, which was very useful to bring to light. 



5.5. I hit my head on the Space needle! UGH. THAT SUCKED! I cried a lot. Please do not do this. It is made of metal, not cotton and felt, as I was led to expect. 


6. Going on 60 dates in 6 months? When I could have been working on my business? Possibly burning myself out on dating? Hmmmmmmm Glad I did it anyway because I found someone I really love! IT WAS WORTH IT. EVEN IF IT WAS A MISTAKE. I lost my fear of rejection!


7. Letting myself be talked into hanging out longer than I should have with a couple of guys- Oh… necrotic gingivitis! UGH. And also… liars…. UGH UGH UGH

8. I fell off my bike! And didn’t get an x-ray- And it turns out… my arm was broken for 2 weeks and I didn’t know! Luckily it was a non-displaced fracture. So. It’s ok. My arm is better now! But let that be a lesson to me! Get the x-ray! and also a doctor! So I have a doctor now and she is pretty awesome.


9. I started making my poetry chapbook… then I realized that nobody would buy it… so I decided to go in a different direction entirely- and make a memoir, and also, a romance novel! Because WHY NOT?

10. I made lots and lots of art mistakes… because that is how you learn!
So, the theme I am sensing here is that at LEAST I am making NEW MISTAKES! And… some of my mistakes could also be successes, if viewed in another light. I did not waste money on online ads this year, at least! I did not do conferences that left me feeling drained, so that was good! I did not overwork as much as I had been in previous years! I took a LOT of breaks to go back to the east coast! I took a LOT of breaks also to do fun things! Be with my friends! Make art! Make new friends!

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