We interviewed Tanya M. Odom about creating inclusive workplaces.

If you listen, you will learn:
1. What is the Research on unconscious bias?
2. Why do mission driven organizations have unique challenges with unconscious bias? 
3. What is systemic analysis and why is it so important? 
4. What are Microaggressions?
5. What is the Impact of Microaggressions?
6. What is the connection between unconscious bias and microaggressions?
7. What is the research on Belonging telling us?
8. We go into nonprofit spaces, and the spaces are not created for different kinds of groups- we become targets because of systems of inequity. What can we do to address inequity?
9. How do people internalize microaggressions?
10. Bringing it back home- If you are the target of microaggressions-  if you notice a microaggression but you are not the target

11. What are micro-affirmations and how can you practice them?


Listen up to this incredible episode!