Over the last two years, in my Fundraising Career Conference, I’ve put out a little book called the Career Pathing Guidebook, with the help of Phil Gerard in Vancouver, BC.

This year my career pathing guidebook has received a MAJOR update.

Check it out!

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What’s different?

In previous years we looked at the different job duties each sort of fundraising job would have. And this would give you a clue about what sort of work you should try to get some experience in before applying for those jobs.

THIS YEAR my career path has been modified to be called Your Nonprofit Leadership Career Path.


Because we are being called to lead. We are being called to rise.

How do we rise?

First we talk about myths and facts in our sector. What is true about the leadership crisis? What isn’t true? And what can we do about it?

Next we look at leadership and fundraising trends. We know we’re losing donors. We know we’ve got a turnover problem. If you can address some of these current trends in your interview you’ll rise head and shoulders above the competition.

We have to get people to see how absolutely ready we are.

So my career pathing workbook is set up to help you get to the core of the problems your interlocutor may be facing. You’ll look so good to them they’ll wonder why you’re not working there already.

Next we’ll talk about what your strengths are. Then I ask you how you can apply these to your nonprofit career. It’s got journaling questions to help you brainstorm where you should take your career path.

Then I’ll show you a list of values, and then ask you to pick your favorite 10 values. Then we’ll look at how those values play out in the work you are most proud of doing.

The part that will really make you smile is the detective section. You’ve got to sniff out if this is the right opportunity for you. Does it smell right? Does it look right? Does it feel right? If so, move ahead. If not, step back and investigate another nonprofit.

Our lives are so short, and we spend most of them at work. Shouldn’t your workplace be a place with a good workplace culture, where you can shine, and where you’ll be mentored to move on up?

I certainly hope so!

Go get this book here

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