I, like most of you, fell into fundraising. When I started working full time at nonprofits, there were HUGE gaps in my knowledge. Ever heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know?”

Well, we all don’t know what we don’t know.

I’ve been in fundraising over ten years. Started out as a fundraising intern. Worked my way up in various nonprofits as a development assistant, development associate, development officer, and development director.

Now I write books about fundraising and help people learn how to fundraise more effectively for their nonprofits.  I’ve been blogging about fundraising since winter 2009. From then to now has been a HUGE education for me. What to do in your first 90 days at a fundraising job

I thought because I had worked in fundraising for over 5 years, that I knew most things about fundraising.

Not true! I didn’t know about major gifts, planned giving, monthly gifts, stewardship, and more.

I’ll bet there are some similar holes in YOUR knowledge too.

Wouldn’t you like to fill in those gaps, and become truly irresistible to nonprofit employers?

Since I started writing and teaching and consulting on fundraising, my knowledge about more advanced fundraising topics has skyrocketed. And I’ve learned a lot more about the basics too.

But I’ve had three solid years to really focus just on learning fundraising. What if you don’t have that luxury of time? How can you get up to speed in a new fundraising job, FAST?

I decided to create this e-course to help you, the fundraising professional with the new job, succeed in every aspect of your first 90 days.

Why is your first 90 days so important?


Because it’s tough to get a lot of donations in the first 12 months of your job. But fairly or unfairly, senior leadership starts asking for results early. What can you do?

In this 12 week e-course, I’ve got the answers for you. I’ll teach you how to show metrics even in the first 90 days, when your metrics can’t be dollars raised. I can help you communicate better with your boss. And I can help you create some early wins so that you win the trust of your leadership and can continue to achieve in your job.

Why would you want to support in your first 90 days?


Here’s a fun fact: Most fundraising staff stay only 12-18 months in a job. Your nonprofit leadership and colleagues may be wary that you will leave quickly too. All of that turnover means it’s much harder for you to succeed on the job, if you don’t have records of what has been done, and your donors haven’t been asked or cultivated in some time. This means that you have to work extra hard, often alone.

This course is here to help be your invisible mentor and friend, feeding you the answers, giving you a leg up in the proving ground of your first 90 days.

This 12 week course is a truly endless resource, for fundraisers old and new

Plus, if you’re looking to continue to move on up in fundraising, having a primer that you can go back to again and again when you get stuck will allow you to succeed in this job, and go on to specialize in some part of fundraising that you like in the next job.

This 12 week e-course is all about how you can succeed in your first 90 days!

What will you learn?

Week 1: Oct 30th-Nov 4th Now that you’re in, get out and meet people!
  • How to start conversations with donors, staff and board
  • 3 conversations you need to have with your boss
  • Finding a peer group
  • Creating a fundraising plan
The first week in a fundraising job
Week 2: Nov 7th-11th Databases are a girl’s best friend
  • How to choose a fundraising database
  • What reports should you be able to run?
  • What a good database helps you do
What to do in your first 90 days of fundraising
Week 3: Nov 14th-18th Getting early wins in marketing
  • Places to market your nonprofit events
  • Get your senior leadership to speak about your cause on radio & TV
  • Free social media metric tools to track your progress
nonprofit marketing
Week 4: Nov 21st-25th Getting early wins in donor communications
  • Surveying your donors to see why they give
  • E-newsletters: Reach out and help them remember why they like you
  • Annual reports: Let them know how far you’ve come
  • Thank-a-thons: Making your donors feel so good
  • Getting more email addresses and followers on your social media platforms
nonprofit newsletters
Week 5: Nov 28th- Dec 5th Getting early wins in grantwriting
  • Where to research grants
  • How to research grants
  • Tactics that will help funders give to you
  • Corporate grants and volunteers
grantwriting for your nonprofit
Week 6: Nov 28th- Dec 5th Getting the help you need
  • Where to find volunteers
  • How to write a super volunteer job description
  • Helping volunteers fundraise
  • Supervising volunteers: What you need to know
getting volunteers to fundraise

Week 7: Dec 8th- Dec 15th Metrics: How to measure your success

  • Metrics and statistics and making progress
  • How to create a beautiful infographic to show your progress
  • Creating a readable, simple, yet impressive board report
how to measure fundraising success
Week 8: Dec 18th- Dec 23rd Appeal letter magic
  • Studying the most powerful, effective appeal letters
  • When to send, and who to send to
  • Using your survey results to split-test your letters
 how to write nonprofit appeal eltter
Week 9: Dec 28th- Jan 5th Phenomenal Phone-a-thons
  • Following up your appeal letter with a phone-a-thon
  • Helping your board make a good ask on the phone
  • How to follow up from your phone-a-thon
 phone-a-thon nonprofit
Week 10: Jan 7th- Jan 15th Stewarding Your Donors
  • Thank you letters: How to make them memorable
  • What to put in the perfect thank you letter
  • Throwing a successful open house
how can I steward my donors
Week 11: Jan 18th- Jan 25th Starting a major gifts program
  • Learning how to identify people who could give major gifts
  • Looking at monthly giving as a place to start major gifts
  • How to ask for major gifts
  • Moves management
 how to start major gifts program
Week 12: Jan 28th- Feb 5th Putting it all together
  • Revisiting your fundraising plan
  • Managing up with your boss and board
  • You made it! Celebrate with your friends.
  • Looking back and looking forward
how to be successful at fundraising job


What is an E-course?
An e-course is written material, sent to you every week, in a printable format. It will also include a recorded webinar. We created this format so that you can go at your own pace, and fit the e-course into your busy schedule.

Is it live?
One person asked, is it a live webinar that I’ll need to login to attend? It is not a live webinar. Because of everyone’s busy schedules, we are making this e-course of written material, plus a recorded webinar, so that you can learn this information exactly when it is convenient for you.

How long will the course take me to complete?
The course will take roughly 2 hours a week. There’s also a recorded webinar in the last week that may take a little more time.

Will there be printable materials?
Yes! Every week you will get an email with an attached pdf that you can print and put into a binder.

Will there be any opportunities to ask questions?
Absolutely! You can email me unlimited emails for the duration of the course.

Will there be practice exercises to complete?
Yes, there will be practice exercises to complete. I include worksheets and templates in all of my webinars and e-courses. I believe that if you apply your learning instantly, then it sticks!

Is there a money-back guarantee?
YES! If you are not satisfied for any reason, I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Just think of how much money you can raise, with the help of this course!

Even if you end up moving to another job at some point, you can start creating a reputation as someone who knows how to fundraise well. This e-course could help you get a higher-paying job, based on your reputation as someone who can get things done. Your enhanced reputation could add up to thousands of dollars for you, over the next couple of years.

Wouldn’t you want to not only put your best foot forward in this job, but invest in something that could enhance your reputation and lead to a much higher paycheck down the line?

Get a leg up with your career with this new e-course!

Ready to start?

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About the teacher:

fundraising meetup

Teaching fundraising in Oregon

Mazarine Treyz is looked upon as the go-to resource for fundraising career advice. She is sought after by the Chronicle of Philanthropy and Fundraising Success Magazine for her expertise in helping new fundraisers succeed. Her cover article, So… You’re a Fundraiser! in June 2013’s Fundraising Success Magazine gives concrete tips to help fundraisers succeed in new roles.

Treyz is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising, and The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, given 5 stars by Nonprofits.About.com in 2013. Most recently, she’s the author of Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, published April 2013.

Mazarine Treyz, cover story, june, 2013, fundraising success magazine

Cover Story, June 2013, Fundraising Success Magazine

Treyz has raised over $1M for various nonprofits. Her nonprofit blog has over 31,000 monthly readers.

Ms. Treyz has taught hundreds of businesses, national and international nonprofits through webinars and e-courses since 2009 and has consistently had the highest ratings by attendees.

Attendees say:

I can’t thank you enough for providing such informative and enjoyable webinars, especially addressing sponsorships. The information you impart is so complete and comprehensive that there is no room for wondering if I have all of the info needed to create the sponsorship packages or to go out and seek the support. Confidence is a wonderful by-product of participating in your webinars. Others may give info that helps you with the nuts and bolts, but it is only by your unique presentation style and personality infused into the presentations that you buoy participants on to move forward, full steam ahead. -J. DeSouter, Director of Advancement, Catholic Elementary Development Partners

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I can’t wait to hear from you!

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