The Career Clinic-Maureen Anderson

The Career Clinic with Maureen Anderson

Is someone you know looking for a job? Did you know that 1 in 10 people work in the nonprofit sector in America, yet a lot of people who are unemployed don’t know how to transition into this field?

I’ve raised over $1M in the last 3 years for different nonprofits, and been successful at getting nonprofit jobs for myself and others.

Last year I realized my dreams and published my first book, The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising, which helps people committed to making the world better take action and raise money for their cause. My book has sold all over the world, from Tasmania to Finland, and was called one of the top 10 fundraising books of 2010 by Beth Kanter, nonprofit blogger and CEO of Zoetica. My book is a hands-on how to book to help people get nonprofit jobs, take action and change the world. My goal is to tell as many people as possible about my book so that we can raise the money we need to get the change we want.

I decided that in order to tell more people about my book, I needed to go on the radio! I’ve been making some phonecalls and emailing, and last week I found out I’ll be interviewed on a nationally syndicated radio show, The Career Clinic, with Maureen Anderson.

She wrote,

“If you know anyone at a radio station in Austin who would consider picking up the show, let me know! Otherwise I’m hoping we’ll have podcasts up by the time you’re on the program. And while we won’t be taking calls live on the show (all of our affiliates will be running it on a delayed basis beginning next month), I’m happy to field email in advance of your show and could maybe even record a quick exchange over the phone. So if you know people with questions they’d like you to answer on the air, please have them email me. Thanks!


The Career Clinic-Maureen Anderson

So if you’ve got a question that you’d like to ask me on The Career Clinic, about fundraising as a career, how to get into the nonprofit field, how to get around the whole, “But they want 5 years of experience!” thing, etc, please email Maureen Anderson at the email above. This radio show will be broadcast all over the USA, from Fargo, North Dakota, to Maui, Hawaii.

And as soon as the show is up online, I’ll be putting it up on here!

Thank you for reading, and I can’t wait to help you get more knowledge about the often confusing world of nonprofit job searches!

If you want to leave a comment below, I can forward your question on to Ms. Anderson for inclusion in the show.