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You’ve heard about the spill in the gulf. It’s the worst environmental disaster America has ever seen. BP’s topkill didn’t work. The region is devastated. Dolphins, Whales, Birds, fish, and other marine life are dying or dead. Denuded of its wildlife, this new diseased gulf means that the livelihood of thousands of fishermen and women will be gone.

And who is to blame? BP, AKA British Petroleum. This crisis is beyond belief. And their clumsy attempts to repair the damage are pitiful. Their reprehensible behavior that caused this disaster means that humorists everywhere are having a field day with their name. And this includes twitter. A twitter account that’s getting a lot of attention lately is @BPGlobalPR. They have 99,000 followers, and the spill happened less than 2 months ago. They are making t-shirts, and all donations are going to Healthy Gulf.org. What can we, as nonprofit marketers, learn from the success of BPGlobalPR?

1. Humor works. Look at Jon Stewart. He talks about all of the terrible things that happen in the world, and he makes people laugh about it. Humor is a wonderful way to get people to care about your cause.

2. Imagine having 91,000 more people that cared about your nonprofit and wanted to help. Would some of them become donors? You bet.

3. What can you do, today, to inject humor, irony and snark into your nonprofit marketing?