I just found out about Lisa Orrell, author of Promote U Guru, and a dynamo marketer who has won many awards.

Here are five tips from Lisa Orrell:

Number one.
Your press release needs to say who, what, where, when and why in the first paragraph. Just do it. So if your environmental charity is having a workshop for businesses on how to cut waste, save money and help the environment, say it here.

Number two.
Your headline in your press release needs to be newsworthy. No hype. Just facts. No marketing talk. Just real, this is what’s going on. So, it’s domestic violence awareness month. Are you having a demonstration? A candlelight vigil? A silent witness placed in the city hall to remind law makers what happens when people don’t take domestic violence seriously? This is newsworthy.

Number three.
If you don’t already have one, create a media list, and send your press release out to them. This includes radio, TV, magazine, newspapers, blogs, twitter, e-newsletter list, anyone you think would care.

Number four.
Use http://PRweb.com and use http://PR9.net. They will send PR blasts for you to specific markets, whether it’s your region, nationally, or even internationally.

Number five.
Call and follow up with people you emailed. Seriously. this is very important. Even if you’re having a gala or auction event, your newspaper probably has a section where famous people get their pictures taken at parties. Talk to the person in charge of that section.

When you call and follow up, and continue to pester people about your story, you make it more likely that you’ll get featured.

Any other PR tips you’d like to share?

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