Here are five interviews I did recently! What will you learn if you listen in?

human design and gene keys interviewThriver Podcast-on Human Design

On Marian Bacol-Uba’s podcast, you’ll learn how human design and gene keys can help you as an entrepreneur and as a person.



Successful Blogger Podcast

On Leslie’s podcast, you’ll learn how I built my blog and built my business. As well as how to get donations on your website. There’s even an infographic for you!

mazarine treyz staff love cindy wagman

cindy wagman’s podcast

Interviewed by Cindy Wagman of The Small Nonprofit Podcast – (my interview starts around 11:03)

On Cindy Wagman’s podcast (in partnership with CharityVillage) you’ll learn about what our sector needs to change. – aka #stafflove instead of #donorlove- and how we have the order of these all wrong! 

mazarine treyz

Interviewed by Dolph Goldenburg for the Successful Nonprofits Podcast

On Dolph Goldenburg’s podcast, we’ll be talking about how to be a standout candidate, nail negotiations, and more.

*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(3:43) Stand out: Incorporate their cause with your personal story
(6:42) The game of reveal and conceal in your resume
(7:48) Navigating interview questions – tackling the expected and unexpected
(9:33) Tips for approaching (and deflecting) the salary question
(11:50) Mazarine shares resume writing tips
(13:14) Blind screening resumes – to help see the whole
(15:23) Start with your board
(17:59) Shareholder value is bullsh*t

(18:56) Staff love > donor love
(20:15) The effects of “intern pay” – the mindset of undercompensation
(23:51) Use your A.R.M.S. – and no, not not your limbs
(26:58) What to consider when negotiating your salary
(30:13) Hedonic treadmill – more, more, MORE!
(32:58) Setting time aside to do what you love
(36:25) Dolph is a five of diamonds

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