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mazarine treyz speaking 2019

This photo was in Jacksonville, after a fun dinner with Trish Bautista and two AFP chairs, all incredible leaders and fundraisers! We were strategizing the best presentation for their audience. 🙂 


mazarine treyz 2019


Here’s a picture of one event Trish put together. I spoke about transformational year end appeal letters, and the audience was full of incredible suggestions! Then I went and spoke in St. Augustine, right down the road, and walked on the beach with my aunt! 

Trish wrote me after, people were already asking when I could come back! That warms my heart. And I would love to come and speak for you too! 

Are you looking for keynote speakers for 2020? My calendar is getting booked- so just use the contact form and let’s chat!

If you couldn’t be there, it’s OK, I have some resources for your year end appeal letter!

Sometimes to see what to do, we have to see what NOT to do. 

GROAN along with me as we learn how to write better appeal letters from seeing some truly dreadful ones.

I’ll go first. That’s right. Here it is.

terrible appeal letters

This was my first appeal letter ever. It was such a piece of crap

My first appeal letter

Let me just tell you, no one is BORN knowing how to write an appeal letter. Here’s my first appeal letter. It is AWFUL.You should definitely read it, and then read how I would change it now.

Watch me tear apart this healthcare appeal

Get ready for schadenfreude! Yeah. Appeal letters don’t have to be this bad.

Brutally Honest Appeal Letter Critique

Rewriting an appeal letter: Cut out the gangrene

Half of writing is editing. So your appeal letter needs a ruthless scalpel. Unless they’re forcing you to do a postcard instead of an appeal letter. Then you just need to calmly put down your pen, and walk over to them, and say “OH INTERESTING PERSPECTIVE. DO YOU HAVE ANY APPEAL LETTER WRITING EXPERIENCE? OH, NONE? THEN let me do my job!”

Literary Arts Appeal Letter Critique

Even people who know how to write can write terrible appeal letters! Don’t let this happen to you. 

9 mistakes to avoid in your appeal letter this fall