NAME IT! Podcast: Creating Inclusive Workplaces Interview with Tanya M. Odom

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Today we are interviewing Tanya M. Odom about creating inclusive workplaces. We asked her these questions:

1. Tanya, what is the Research on unconscious bias?
2. Why do mission driven organizations have unique challenges with unconscious bias? 
3. What is systemic analysis and why is it so important? 
4. What are Microaggressions?
5. What is the Impact of Microaggressions?
6. What is the connection between unconscious bias and microaggressions?
7. What is the research on Belonging telling us?
8. We go into nonprofit spaces, and the spaces are not created for different kinds of groups- we become targets because of systems of inequity. What can we do to address inequity?
9. How do people internalize microaggressions?
10. Bringing it back home- If you are the target of microaggressions-  if you notice a microaggression but you are not the target

11. What are micro-affirmations and how can you practice them?


WOC in Orgs


Who is Tanya M. Odom?

Tanya M. Odom, Ed.M.  is a global consultant, writer, coach, and diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader.

She has worked globally for over 20 years, in over 40 countries, as a consultant, coach, storyteller, and facilitator focusing on areas including: Diversity and Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership, Race/Racism, Gender Equity, Challenging Conversations, Mindfulness, Coaching, Wellbeing, Innovation and Creativity,  and Educational Equity.
Tanya’s unique portfolio career has allowed her to work in the education, private sector/corporate, not-for-profit/NGO,  arts, law enforcement, and  university/college arenas.
 She is the co-author of “Evaluation in the Field of Education for Democracy, Human Rights and Tolerance.” 
Tanya is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, where she has written posts about diversity, leadership, self-compassion, and mindfulness. Tanya also writes for cnn.com. Tanya’s work and commentary has also appeared in several publications including Diversity Woman Magazine, Bloomberg News, among others.
 Tanya was named by Diversity Best Practices as “A Diversity Thought Leader to Follow on Twitter.”
  As a mindfulness practitioner, Tanya weaves in mindfulness research and practice in her work with individuals and groups and connects it to leadership, teams, intentional inclusion, and the mitigating of unconscious bias. 
Often called an innovator and disrupter, Tanya is featured in a chapter in Dr. Patti Fletcher’s book “Disrupters.”