Name It! Podcast
Name It! Podcast
NAMEIT! Podcast: Interview with the NeedMor Fund and Mary Sobecki

In this interview with Mary Sobecki, executive director of the NeedMor Fund, we talk about why involving people in the community in grantmaking decisions is important.


Chris Hedges writes,

“When we cannot tell ourselves the truth about our past, we become trapped in it. This is especially true about race in America. Our undiscovered self cripples us.”

When we think about race, when we talk about it, and when we uncover different ways to look at it, we help uncover biases and beliefs that people have. I taught a bias workshop last year that helped white people look at their unconscious bias around race. It was very uncomfortable for them. And I don’t think I actually succeeded, in that one hour workshop, in actually getting anyone to SEE their unconscious bias. but I TRIED! Lord how I tried.

What can you do? We need to focus on how to interrupt oppression, every day. That’s why we made the podcast, Name It!


A post we mentioned in the podcast: Our Undiscovered Self Cripples Us