A Call to Arms: Decent Work for Fundraisers!


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Are you tired of working so hard, for so little? 

Do you sigh and say… “It’s just the way it is! Every nonprofit is like this!” 

What if we could get a higher salary, better benefits, and more opportunities for advancement? 

What if there was a better way, and our entire sector could get on board?

It’s not just a pipe dream. It’s real, and it’s happening in Canada now. Ontario Nonprofit Network has put together a Decent Work campaign for Ontario, Canada, and they are making strides in advocacy to help nonprofit organizations treat their workers better.  This session will talk about WHAT decent work is, WHY decent work now, and HOW we can get it. 


  1.  What is Decent Work? 
  • Employment opportunities
  • Fair income
  • Health and retirement benefits
  • Stable employment
  • Development and advancement
  • Equality and rights at work
  • Culture and leadership 

2. How to talk about decent work

3. How can you gather a team of people around you to help you achieve your goals?

4. How can you successfully negotiate for a higher nonprofit salary?

5. How to get recognition for your accomplishments?

6. How can you get more responsibility and learning opportunities at your job?

7.  Decent Work Case Studies

Attendees will get a checklist of Decent Work to take back to their organizations. 

We will hear from the audience top pet peeves about the sector. We will do call and response for problems that seem unsolvable. We will listen to ideas from audience members about what would work better to help the sector rise. This career focused session will use a holistic approach to get people thinking micro to macro-beyond their personal problems into a larger sector-wide context.


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