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annual report nonprofitI’ve been teaching annual report webinars for the last two months, and attendees have been telling me that they’re craving a deeper dive into all of the bits and pieces of how to make an annual report really work for fundraising!

You asked for it, and I want to give it to you!

Here’s the trouble with most nonprofit annual reports.

They suck.

They suck so bad.

Oh man. Most nonprofit annual reports really suck hard.

And I have made some of the suckiest ones, so I know what I’m talking about.

Why do they suck?

Because someone just tells you, “DO IT” and you muddle along with little or no design training and you put something out.

But the margins are all messed up.

You have random design elements that have nothing to do with your cause.

Your nonprofit has a big impact but your graphics just do not show this in the best light.

Your stories about your programs read like a grant proposal.

Your pictures of your cause are tiny, out-of-focus, or just plain amateurish.

You don’t have a list of your donors, or worse, you do but you don’t highlight a donor and why they give.

And then you put it out as a pdf, instead of making it a real print annual report.

Or maybe you have it on your site and someone tries to look at it on their phone and it’s just… unreadable.

In short, there is NOTHING compelling about your annual report, and only the most generous and forgiving donor could ever see anything worth giving to… giving IN SPITE of your annual report, not because of it.

How do you turn this around?

By getting some training. By investing in training so your nonprofit annual report will look better this year!

Imagine this: You finally get to learn how to do infographics!

Your fonts make you look MORE professional, not less

Your whole annual report has a donor-centric feel, which makes donors read all the way to the end.

Wouldn’t you like to have an annual report like that?

If so, then here’s what I want to teach you in Advanced Annual Reports for Fundraising


Week ONE!: Best practices for annual report content
  • How to gather stories from program staff
  • Ways to write a letter from the director that doesn’t suck
  • Writing fired up stories about your cause: Talking about programs without putting your donors to sleep
  • Donor listings that are meaningful to donors Plus Staff listings that are fun to look at
  • Your main message and how to reinforce it
  • Stellar calls to action for your annual report
Week Two: I’ve got designs on you
  • How to look like you hired a designer, even if you didn’t
  • A font creates a feeling
  • How can you create a look and feel with typography that encourages donors to trust you?
  • Don’t squeeze my margins! Stylesheets and Tilesheets and why you need them
  • What kinds of pictures work best for your cause and what kinds of pictures to avoid
  • How to make an impact with visual stats
  • Financials that dance the story of your nonprofit instead of trudging through the numbers


Week Three: Putting Together Your Annual Report Offline and Online
  • PDFs-why use them, and why avoid them?
  • Full contact printing! What are the terms you need to know?
  • Annual report formats that save you money
  • Inspiring examples of creative annual reports
  • Online annual report ideas
  • Testing for responsive design
  • Web fonts and page sizes


Week Four: 100% Pure Donor Love
  • Making the donor the hero of your story
  • Conveying how you use money wisely
  • Adding trust symbols and donor testimonials
  • Alternatives to annual reports for donor retention


You get all of this PLUS Two recorded webinars

Creating a Better Annual Report PLUS

Annual Report Ecourse Example

Advanced Annual Reports for Print and Web (an $89 value!)

advanced annual report


You can send me your annual report in progress or from last year and I will advise you on how to improve it. (a $300 value!)

What do people say about Mazarine Treyz’s annual report advice?


As always, learned a great deal. Lots of practical suggestions and sources. Your willingness to share your mistakes always makes it so much easier for the rest of us! Best, Marise Hausner



Great, great webinar! Full of energy, spirit and love for this topic.. thanks for offering such a great event! -Athena Aardweg



Thank you so much for your fantastic info! So helpful, and makes getting things done achievable. -Veronica Cruz, Communications Manager, Lions Tigers and Bears


What is an E-course?

An e-course is written material, sent to you every week, in a printable format. It will also include a recorded webinar. We created this format so that you can go at your own pace, and fit the e-course into your busy schedule.

Here’s a sample of the e-course. 

Is it live?

One person asked, is it a live webinar that I’ll need to login to attend? It is not a live webinar. Because of everyone’s busy schedules, we are making this e-course of written material, plus two recorded webinars, so that you can learn this information exactly when it is convenient for you.

How long will the course take me to complete?
The course will take roughly 2 hours a week. There are also two recorded webinars that may take a little more time.

Will there be printable materials?
Yes! Every week you will get an email with an attached pdf that you can print and put into a binder.

Will there be any opportunities to ask questions?
Absolutely! You can email me unlimited emails for the duration of the course.

Will there be practice exercises to complete?
Yes, there will be practice exercises to complete. I include worksheets and templates in all of my webinars and e-courses. I believe that if you apply your learning instantly, then it sticks!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

YES! If you are not satisfied for any reason, I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions, email me at info at wildwomanfundraising.com

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Mazarine Treyz



About the teacher:

Mazarine Treyz has created some good annual reports, and some real stinkers. She has learned a lot about both print and online document design in the last five years and wants to share her hard-won knowledge with hard-working fundraising staff who are trying to do it all!

She is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising, and The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, given 5 stars by Nonprofits.About.com in 2013. Most recently, she’s the author of the 5 star rated Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, published April 2013.

Treyz has raised over $1M for various nonprofits. Her nonprofit blog has over 40,000 monthly readers. She is frequently featured in Fundraising Success Magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and Nonprofit.About.com.

Ms. Treyz has taught thousands of small, national and international nonprofits through webinars and e-courses since 2009.




6 reviews for Advanced Annual Reports for Fundraising

  1. Leslie

    I have been putting together Annual Reports for the majority of the 16 years I have been in nonprofit work, even when I wasn’t a Development Director. Even though I do NOT consider myself a graphics/layout person and was using a very basic tool (Publisher), I thought what we put together was not too bad. It got the job done.

    I have been a fan of Wild Woman Fundraising for a few years now, love Mazarine’s stuff, so I decided “What the heck. Order the e-course and see what comes out of it. “ It is the best $137 I have ever spent. The resources listed alone are worth the cost of admission. I was introduced to Canva – GREAT tool. Several of her suggestions I was already doing, just didn’t know it. Through this book I was able to formalize those processes. I in turn have shared what I learned with our program marketing person who is now producing some pretty good looking memes for social media.

    Advanced Annual Reports for Fundraising has just upped my game. What I learned through this course will translate into other aspects of my fundraising as well. Can’t wait to send the 2015 Annual Report (complete with infographics – it’s the little things – right?) to the printer. In a few weeks I will start the Monthly Giving E-Course – based on my experience with Advanced Annual Reports, I am expecting great things.

  2. Mazarine

    “I learned a good deal that applies to my work, but I particularly liked the discussion about layout and topography. I also liked the advice about emotional giving.” -Anonymous, ADRP, 2016

  3. 4w3s0mE

    I have got to tell you… this course is amazing. I am learning a lot truly.

    I am getting lots of ideas to make our annual report better and it’s really helping me to see the big picture and understand the mistakes I made in the first report.

    Thank you so much for all the knowledge. I appreciate it greatly! Keep it coming!!!!

    Have an amazing day!

    Daphne Dunkel, Marketing assistant , Crescent Community Health Center

  4. 4w3s0mE

    Thank you so much for your fantastic info! So helpful, and makes getting things done achievable.

    -Veronica Cruz, Communications Manager, Lions Tigers and Bears

  5. 4w3s0mE

    Great, great information! Full of energy, spirit and love for this topic.. thanks for offering such a great course!
    -Athena Aardweg

  6. 4w3s0mE

    As always, learned a great deal. Lots of practical suggestions and sources. Your willingness to share your mistakes always makes it so much easier for the rest of us!

    Best, Marise Hausner

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