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Do you want more donors? More sponsors? More money for your nonprofit?

You need to join Fundraising Mastermind Elite.

What is the Fundraising Mastermind Elite?

Simply a place to gain community, share, learn and grow in your fundraising knowledge to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals. The Fundraising Mastermind Elite is created specifically for small and mid-size organizations looking to take their fundraising to the next level.

Joining Fundraising Mastermind Elite makes SENSE!

To get all of my webinars would cost $1,600+. To get all of my e-courses would cost over $1,300. Imagine getting all of this, not including guest webinars and a monthly call with me for only $697!

This solution allows you to save thousands of dollars!

What results could you get by joining the Fundraising Mastermind Elite?

  • Get double the open rate on your e-newsletters, like HOPE Inc did
  • See your donations increase 100% with your appeal letters, like the Austin Civic Orchestra did
  • Create donor acknowledgement systems that help you keep your donors, like I did with the Global Autism Project
  • Triple your grant money, like I did for The Urban League of Portland
  • Motivate and train board members to help you fundraise, like I did for the Austin Civic Orchestra
  • Send out the best appeal letters your organization has ever used, like I did for Meals on Wheels affiliates, and many others.
  • Land major media coverage for your organization
  • Put your volunteers to work as your volunteer fundraising army, like I did for Clackamas Women’s Services
  • Help you get big event sponsors (see people who have gotten sponsorships thanks to what I taught)
  • Create systems to teach others how to fundraise for you
  • Assess or Create your fundraising plan to keep you focused all year long
  • Brainstorm new sources of income for your nonprofit, like I did for the Global Autism Project
  • Create a successful voluntourism program

Your membership in Fundraising Mastermind Elite includes:

Major Gifts Masterclass recordings with Claire Axelrad and Jay Love, CEO of Bloomerang (a $400 value)

Class One: Cultivating donors to become major donors with Claire Axelrad
Class Two: How it feels to be a major donor (EASY) with Jay Love
Class Three: Making the ask with art and heart with Claire Axelrad
How to prospect and qualify major donors with Jeff Scheifels, author of “It’s not JUST about the Money”

Nonprofit Annual Reports Masterclass with Vanessa Chase, (a $200 value)

Class One: How to make a better annual report
Class Two: Advanced Annual Reports for Fundraising
Class Three: Storytelling in your nonprofit annual report with Vanessa Chase

All of this makes you back your investment in just two masterclasses! But you get so much more with Fundraising Mastermind Elite.

You get ALL of my e-courses, including:

1. Your Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Online Giving and Crowdfunding course     (over $230 value)
BONUS: Crowdfunding with Brady Josephson Webinar Recording

2. Secrets of Keeping Your Donors E-Course  (over $300 value)
BONUS: Keeping Your Donors Webinar Recording
BONUS: Loving your donors and keeping them, FOR GOOD Webinar
BONUS: How to Find New Donors

3. Advanced Annual Reports for Fundraising E-Course, (over $300 value)
BONUS Recording: Making a Better Annual Report
BONUS Recording: Advanced Annual Reports for Print and Web

4. Your Ultimate Guide to a Bigger Sponsorship E-Course  (over $340 value)
BONUS Recording: Wildly Successful Events
BONUS Recording: What Your Sponsors Really Want
BONUS Recording: How to start getting sponsors

5. Fantastic Monthly Giving E-Course (over $200 value)
(Webinar recording coming Spring 2016)

6. Your Ultimate Guide to Fundraising with Volunteers E-Course (over $200 value)
BONUS Recording: How to find and keep volunteers
BONUS Recording: How to get volunteers to fundraise for you

7. Getting More Donations Through Your Enewsletters E-Course (over $240 value)
BONUS Recording: Getting More People to Open Your Enewsletters
BONUS Recording: Getting People to Donate through Your E-newsletters
BONUS Recording: Getting People to Click Donate on Your Nonprofit Website

8. Your Ultimate Guide to Successful Year End Appeals E-Course (over $240 value)
BONUS Recording: Crucial Year End Giving Strategies
BONUS Recording: How to write a stunning direct mail package piece by piece
BONUS Recording: Tons of Money in the Mail

9. Creating a Better Fundraising Plan E-Course (over $200 value)

BONUS recording: Fundraising Planning webinar

Sure there’s a lot of material, but is it high quality?

Read what our students say:

“I listened to your crowdfunding webinar a couple of weeks ago. I helped a friend kick off what was supposed to be a month long $25,000 crowd funding campaign yesterday. She felt that she could readily secure about $8K when she started and that $25K in a month should be doable. Well, she is currently 75% funded in a day! It’s amazing!” -Monica

“Thanks to the clear instruction in your monthly giving e-course, we have begun to roll out our monthly giving campaign. We received two new donors to our organization with just one email announcing this new giving option! Our season has just started with a full page ad in the program. I’m ready with my tracking sheet and premiums to include in their hand written thank you notes. Thanks for your methodical presentation of this process!” -Robin Scurto, Development and Marketing Associate, Lone Tree Arts Center, Denver

I have got to tell you… this Annual Reports course is amazing. I am learning a lot truly. I am getting lots of ideas to make our annual report better and it’s really helping me to see the big picture and understand the mistakes I made in the first report. Thank you so much for all the knowledge. I appreciate it greatly! Keep it coming!!!! – Daphne Dunkel, Marketing assistant , Crescent Community Health Center

Do you know that just getting the feedback on the sponsorship packet was well worth the cost of the Sponsorship e-course? Thanks and I am looking forward to the rest of the program. -Gaynelle Adams Jackson, President, Alabama MicroEnterprise Network

Guess what Mazarine? I finished going through all six sessions of your course. Took several hours but it was worth it. You really have a lot of good information in the course. And you lived and breathed what you write about. Not everyone can say that.

I really like the consultative sales approach to the process and will use it with my top level sponsors right away. Your lists, letter examples and sample documents are super tools. – Mike Miller, Development Officer, CFRE Delaware, Ohio

Sure, you could go to someone else to get fundraising training materials.

But the trouble with other programs is that they might be short but incomplete, or long but not entertaining.

They might give you a quick look at fundraising methods in a college course, but each one of these courses gives you that deep dive with worksheets and actionable tips you can apply at your nonprofit NOW, today.

Each webinar recording delivers the maximum amount of value in the 60-90 minutes.

With very little cost and a tremendous return on investment, this is one of the best fundraising programs you will ever find, based on real world experience, that allows you to take action now, gives you ideas and research that other people just don’t have.

As if all of this weren’t enough, we also have:

41 Fundraising Mastermind Elite Webinar Recordings – all worth over $100 each, with top nonprofit experts from every area of the nonprofit management world.

Board Development
Simone Joyaux: Recruiting the right board members for your organization
Gail Perry: Making Board Fundraising Fun!
Plus a free chapter of her book, Fired Up Fundraising
Gayle Gifford: Making Your Board More Effective

Major Gifts
Joe Garecht: The Major Donor Formula webinar
Joe Garecht: The Art of the In Person Ask

Nonprofit Communications
Vanessa Chase: How to tell Your Nonprofit’s Stories Online and create more awareness for your cause
Mazarine Treyz: Make Your Annual Reports Better
Mazarine Treyz: Keep Your Donors Webinar
Mazarine Treyz: Getting people to open your enewsletters
Melinda Snow Olson: Secrets of Keeping Your Donors with Email
Melinda Snow Olson: Advanced Webinar: Making Loyal Donors with Email Autoresponders
Mazarine Treyz: Doing Social Media for Your Nonprofit in 15 minutes a day
Mazarine Treyz: Wildly Successful Nonprofit Blogging

Direct Mail
John Lepp: Advanced Webinar: Getting Creative with Direct Mail
Mazarine Treyz: Webinar Recording: Crucial Year End Giving Strategies
Mazarine Treyz: How to write a stunning direct mail package piece by piece
Mazarine Treyz: Tons of Money in the Mail

Bruce Burtch: Moving Beyond Sponsorships
Bruce Burtch Online Workshop: Creating relationships with corporations that can lead to hugely successful long-term partnerships

Government Contracting
Getting Government Grants and Contracts for Your Nonprofit, Advanced Webinar with Carroll Bernard
Mazarine Treyz: Starting Earned Income Streams for Your Nonprofit webinar

Volunteers and Delegating to get more done in your office
Mazarine Treyz: How to find and keep volunteers

Getting Organized and Growing Your Nonprofit
Mazarine Treyz: The 100,000 technique to get more donors
Robert Weiner: The Brave New World of Donor Databases
Robert Weiner: The Right Gift from the Right Person at the Right Time
Mazarine Treyz: Create a Better Fundraising Plan-Short and Sweet!
Mazarine Treyz: Annual Giving Webinar

Your Nonprofit Career
Negotiating Your Nonprofit Salary with Karen O’Keefe of Advanced Negotiation Strategies
Plus all 13 recordings from the Fundraising Career Conference 2015.

It’s an incredible bargain.

As you can see, Fundraising Mastermind Elite is a program that’s packed full of value for you and your fundraising team. It’s cheap at the price. This program will give you a leg up on almost any fundraising task you choose to do.


Here’s a recent testimonial from a Fundraising Mastermind Elite member:
“Hi Mazarine!!

I just had to tell you about some successes we have had recently!

Last month we mailed out our 1st ever donor survey and had a response rate of about 21%. Not only that, but it brought in over $5000 in donations and we are able to add 50 email addresses (hey, it’s a start), so that we can begin quarterly email newsletters. The survey gave us extremely valuable feedback.

I can’t thank you enough for Fundraising Mastermind Elite. I know that I have a lot more to learn, but you have helped to give me a new framework for how I look at fundraising/development for our organization. The monthly phone calls, webinars and ecourses give me a full understanding of various methods and have already helped me to improve and expand on our previous efforts. I’m telling our stories in new ways and we are showing love for our donors like never before!! And, we have already almost reached our campaign goal for the year prior to our summer mailing even going out!! I’m convinced that working with your materials helped to make this happen! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

–Brynn Evans, Executive Director, Meals On Wheels of Lamoille County, Vermont


Click here to see testimonials about what you’ll find inside Fundraising Mastermind Elite

This community is for people who are ready to get results.

What about the size and mission of the nonprofit? Could I understand where you’re coming from?

Are you the founder of your nonprofit? I feel your pain. I’ve co-founded a nonprofit, too. I know how difficult it can be to get a new nonprofit off the ground. And the Fundraising Mastermind Elite can help you create systems to get everything done right the first time.

Are you leading an all-volunteer nonprofit? I’ve been there, too. The Fundraising Mastermind Elite can help you navigate getting board members to work, teach your board to fundraise, so that you can build the capacity to get paid staff.

Are you in a one-to-three person shop at a small nonprofit? In a one-person shop, I’ve done everything from get $250,000 in sponsorships to $35,000 in appeal returns to $120,000 in grants (over the course of a year, doubling and sometimes tripling previous results) for such diverse causes as; domestic violence, social justice, education, healthcare, arts in healthcare, senior services, classical music, and more. If you want more advice on how to get more done, get more money in a shorter amount of time with a small fundraising shop, the Fundraising Mastermind Elite can help you.

I’ve also worked internationally. I know some of the pain of NGOs and raising money for overseas projects. With the Fundraising Mastermind Elite, we can help you make your cause more relevant to people who may never see the project.

Click here to see testimonials about what you’ll find inside Fundraising Mastermind Elite