Learn from my fail: How to make dramatically more money with your nonprofit through A/B Testing Webinar Recording



In early 2015 I made my first landing page. Even though I talked with a friend who did successful A/B testing, read a bunch of books about testing, and tried two different platforms, Unbounce and Leadpages, I still failed spectacularly. I failed so bad that one of my domains got marked as spam! Oh the horror stories. Don’t let this happen to you!

Eventually I did succeed in selling out twice over for my first online conference, with 550 registrants and getting four sponsorships too! Bottom Line: I made over $20,000 with A/B testing in two months, and I’d love to share with you how I did it.

In this session you’ll learn:

0. What A/B testing is and why it’s so important

1. Why you should create a landing page for your nonprofit

2. How to choose the right landing page platform for you

3. Anatomy of a landing page

4. What worked for me, and what didn’t work in my landing page

5. Things that I tested and the results

6. Other ways you can do A/B testing

7. Examples of A/B testing with WordPress blog posts

8. Examples of A/B testing with E-newsletters

Attendees will walk away with a better sense of how to create a successful landing page for their nonprofit and make dramatically more money.

Hope to see you there!

mazarine-treyz-wildwomanfundraisingAbout the presenter:

Mazarine Treyz is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, rated 5 stars by About.com. She’s the founder of Wild Social Media LLC and Wild Woman Fundraising. Treyz has taught the City of Austin, the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network and the National SBA, as well as hundreds of nonprofits how to get people to click donate.

Her popular blog has over 50,000 monthly readers. In the last five years she has consulted and coached businesses and nonprofits and taught over 8,000 people. She would love to help you succeed.Check out her websites: http://wildsocialmedia.com, https://wildwomanfundraising.com, and http://mazarinetreyz.com.


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