Webinar Recording: How to find new donors for your nonprofit

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“I don’t want a gift, I want a giver.”
-Kim Klein, (Founder, Grassroots Fundraising Journal)

Is your donor database tiny? Are you looking desperately for donors? Do you wake up at night with cold sweats thinking about what will happen if you don’t find new donors, FAST? Are you worried that most of your donors are inactive? This webinar shows you how to find new donors and cultivate your existing donors. You’ll learn how to communicate more effectively to your donors, build your email list and more.

This webinar is a smart investment in your fundraising program. Why? Did you know that over 75% of funding comes from individuals? It costs twice as much to find new donors as it does to keep your existing donors. When you follow the tips outlined in this webinar, you’ll learn how to prevent donor attrition and develop new donor relationships. Our methods are tailored to suit your needs and can integrate easily into your current stewardship efforts. Finally, a webinar that guides you every step of the way to recruit and keep your donors too!

Webinar Outline:
During this 90 minute webinar, in an easy-to-follow process, we’ll cover the essential steps you can follow to take your donor list from old and disengaged to vibrant and full of people who love your nonprofit. We’ll answer all of these questions and more:


You Will Learn:

  1. What are 9 new places to find donors offline?
  2. What are 4 effective ways of building your email list?
  3. Buying potential donor mailing lists: How do you vet the list? How can you use the list?
  4. What are the stages of giving to help you steward your donors towards larger gifts?
  5. What are stewardship and cultivation tips to keep your valuable existing donors?
  6. How does transparency raise you more money?
  7. How often to mail and email your list?
  8. What are 5 cheap and fast ways to thank your donors?
  9. How to cultivate your volunteers to become donors?


NEW! The following bonus materials are included with this webinar


  1. Diagram to help you find new donors
  2. Sample compelling online form to help you build your email list.
  3. Templates to thank donors and make it meaningful
  4. E-Chapter: Building Relationships: How to find and cultivate donors


Step-By-Step Demonstration:
During this webinar, we will learn how to research donors, how to find which lists are good, who in your database can be re-engaged, and more.


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About the Presenter:

Mazarine Treyz is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising. She is the author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, published 2012, given a 5 star rating by Nonprofit.About.com. Her latest book, Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, was also given a 5 star review by Nonprofit.About.com.


Fundraising background: In 2000 she was an intern for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In 2003 she wrote her first grants for Indonesian nonprofit Yayasan Emmanuel. In 2005 she co-founded a nonprofit called “The Moon Balloon Project” on the south shore of Boston, MA.

Since that time she has raised over $1M for various local, national, and international nonprofits with appeals, emails, grants, sponsorships, and more. And via her trainings to thousands of nonprofits all over the world since 2010, she has helped people raise hundreds of thousands more. 

She has been featured on the front page of Fundraising Success Magazine, in the Chronicle of Philanthropy multiple times, & on the nationally syndicated radio show, Career Clinic with Maureen Anderson.

Previous nonprofit speaking engagements include:

—Idaho Nonprofit Center (2014)

—Mississippi Center for Nonprofits (2014-2015)

—Association of Fundraising Professionals National (2014)

—4Good (2014-2015)

—Washington State SBDC (2014-2015)

—GuideStar (2013)

—Blackbaud (2013-2014)

—VolunteerMatch (2013-2014)

—Downs Syndrome Affiliates in Action national presentations (2013-2015)

—Fundraising Success Magazine Virtual Conference (2013-2014)

—Meals on Wheels National (2012-2015)

—National SBA Small Business Week (2013)

—Oregon Small Business Development Centers state-wide online training seminars (2013-2014)

—The Scleroderma Foundation National Leadership Conference (2012-2013)

—IRS/SBA/SSA presentations (2013)

—Willamette Valley Development Officers (2013)

—University of Portland’s Master’s in Nonprofit Management program (2012)

—Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College (2011)

—Young Nonprofit Professionals Network in Austin (2011)

—Texas Association for Nonprofit Organizations (TANO) (2010) and more.


Ms. Treyz has taught thousands of national and international nonprofits how to fundraise since 2009.

3 reviews for Webinar Recording: How to find new donors for your nonprofit

  1. Mazarine

    My name is Shasta Zielke and I’m the Membership and Event Manager at Oregon Wild. I was listening in on your webinar this morning about how to find new donors and retain current ones.

    I appreciated what you had to say about surveying donors, calling lapsed donors, and ways to find new people through lists, etc. Some of these ideas I’ve been working to implement in my current role (so it’s good to know I’m on the right track) and others I hadn’t though of (like using Business Journal lists). Altogether, very helpful ideas!

  2. Mazarine

    It was EXTREMELY engaging and helpful. I am brand new to the non-profit sector and was happily thrown into the marketing and development side of the business, so I am working on next to no experience and just soaking all the information in.

    I found your presentation to be clear and concise, and your speaking to be warm, inviting, and calm. I got excited about everything just by listening and watching!

    -Samantha Cardenas, Marketing & Administrative Coordinator, California

  3. Mazarine

    “Currently on a team with very little experience in development. This will help fill in gaps of knowledge, or open some topics which need to be addressed.” -Anonymous, ADRP Webinar, 2016

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