Webinar Recording: What Your Sponsors Really Want

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Are you worried about your next big event?


Have you ever been at your wits end for finding sponsors?


Are you afraid of what sponsors are thinking?


Do you have a hard time justifying why they should sponsor you, other than “We’re a good cause”?


Big events make the majority of their money with sponsorship.

Whether you’re coordinating a music festival, a nonprofit special event, or even a walk-a-thon, this webinar will help you. How? This webinar will help you start to create the connections for sponsorship. You will learn how to articulate your value to sponsors on paper and in person. You’ll learn how to create your sponsorship proposal, how to nail that sponsorship meeting, and more! You’ll even learn how to create an after-event sponsorship report that shines, AND that helps you get the sponsorship for next year!

We’ll reveal the secrets of what sponsors REALLY want to get out of sponsoring you, based on research from actual sponsors!


After taking this 90 minute webinar, you’ll be able to get inside your sponsors’ heads to figure out how to speak to their needs and create that longer term relationship to sustain your nonprofit for years to come.


You Will Learn:

1.     How to Get Your Foot In the Door with Sponsors (How to meet them)
2.     How to use your website to make your event attractive to sponsors (with lots of real life examples!)
3.     What your sponsors are really hungry for
4.     Phrases Your Sponsors LOVE to hear
5.     Learn when to pitch sponsors! (When your sponsors make budget decisions)
6.     What to Bring To Your Sponsorship Meeting
7.     How to find and show your demographics
8.     7 key elements of a good sponsorship proposal
9.     How to help sponsors measure the impact of sponsorship
10.     Best practices for your sponsorship report (with tons of examples!)
11.     BONUS: Lots of real world examples of sponsorship reports from the best, including SXSW
12.     BONUS #2: New ideas for how to renew sponsors


The following bonus materials are included with this webinar:

1. Sample Sponsorship Letter for you to review
2. Sample Sponsorship Contract for you to review
3. Sample Sponsorship Report for You to View
4. Inkind checklist of things to get donated for your event
5. Presentation Slides


Step-By-Step Demonstration:

During this workshop, we will learn how to connect with sponsors on a deeper level. We’ll check out different places to connect with sponsors, how to speak their language, and learn when they make decisions for sponsorship. The skills you will learn in this webinar, AND the bonus materials, can serve you year after year, in all sponsorship situations, whether you’re looking for a sponsor for your music festival, or a sponsor for your walk-a-thon or nonprofit gala.


About the trainer:

Mazarine SpeaksMazarine Treyz, BA, (Bard College), is the author of the popular Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising. Her book was named as one of the Top 10 books of 2010 by Beth Kanter, CEO of Zoetica and author of The Networked Nonprofit.

In 2003 Mazarine wrote her first grants for Indonesian nonprofit Yayasan Emmanuel. In 2005 she co-founded a nonprofit called “The Moon Balloon Project” on the south shore of Boston, MA. Since that time she has raised over $1M for various local, national, and international nonprofits with appeals, emails, grants, sponsorships, and more.

Previous speaking engagements include:

  • Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • National Fundraising Convention, IFC, UK
  • The United States Olympic Committee
  • Blackbaud
  • VolunteerMatch.org
  • GuideStar.org
  • NetworkforGood
  • GreaterGiving
  • Bloomerang
  • BirdsCaribbean, Jamaica
  • National SBA Small Business Week
  • Willamette Valley Development Officers
  • The Scleroderma Foundation National Leadership Conference
  • Meals on Wheels National training seminars and conference
  • University of Portland’s Master’s in Nonprofit Management program

Ms. Treyz has taught thousands of national and international nonprofits how to fundraise since 2009. Ms. Treyz created the first Fundraising Android Apps in 2010. In 2012 she published The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, which got a 5 star rating from Nonprofit.About.com in 2013. In 2013 she published Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, which also got a 5 star rating from Nonprofit.About.com.





4 reviews for Webinar Recording: What Your Sponsors Really Want

  1. Leigh Crow

    “Mazarine’s sponsorship workshop helped me ‘think big’ for a big event.
    Great resources, fresh ideas and lots of energy. Thank you!” -Leigh
    Crow, Director, Resource Development, United Way of Forsyth County, Georgia

  2. Karrie Groves Riemer

    “I was highly impressed with Mazarine’s sponsorship webinar. She
    provides practical advice and pertinent information on best practices,
    how-to strategies and many new and different places to look for
    sponsors. Great for anyone, novice to expert.” -Karrie Groves Riemer,
    Operation Sack Lunch, Seattle, WA

  3. Sue Ann Lynes

    “Mazarine’s Sponsorship webinar provided me with valuable information
    and some creative new ideas that I will put into practice immediately!
    So much to think about! -Sue Ann Lynes, Executive Assistant/Corporate
    Membership, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Iowa

  4. Colleen Payne

    “I learned so much from Mazarine’s sponsorship seminar! I have already
    put some of her tips into place with great success! It’s definitely a
    valuable presentation.” -Colleen Payne, Executive Director, Spina Bifida
    Association of Kentucky

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