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Is blogging a mystery to you?

Are you wondering how to get more donations on your website?

Do you wish you knew more about writing compelling stories that get people to care about your cause?

Then watch Wildly Successful Nonprofit Blogging.
Why am I talking about this?
Because I was teaching a webinar last month and I started covering some of what I’m about to share with you, and someone said, “You know, this is really helpful. You should teach a webinar just on this.” So, by popular demand, I’m offering Wildly Successful Nonprofit Blogging.
By all accounts, I have been wildly successful with my blog. I took my fundraising blog from zero to 30,000 unique visitors every month, from 2010 to now, (here’s the proof) with no background in journalism, no support from a big network, literally nothing.


  • Now I’m asked to speak at conferences around the country


  • I’ve been featured multiple times in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Fundraising Success Magazine and Nonprofit.About.com
  • I’ve received offers of syndication
  • I have readers and buyers all over the world
  • Oh, plus, I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from my blog.
I want to show you how I did it.
If you wish you knew more ways to get people to care about your cause, taking this webinar will help you learn how to write more effectively, help you drive traffic and donations to your website, and get attention for the serious issues you help solve.
We’ll look at current popular nonprofit blogs, and distill what their most popular posts are and then help you create compelling popular posts of your own!
This dynamic, interactive and hands-on 90 minute webinar recording is PACKED with tips, tricks and advice that can help you get more attention for your cause. If you don’t have a blog yet, if you’ve never blogged before, don’t worry!
We’ll cover:
  1. Starting your blog
  2. How to write a blog post straight from the heart
  3. How often to blog
  4. What to do if you get stuck for ideas
  5. How to tag and categorize your posts for better SEO
  6. Ways to research what the most popular topics are
  7. What to do when you get stuck for ideas
  8. How to find and credit images to go with your blog posts (and what kind of images to use)
  9. How to use your enewsletter to drive people back to your website to give
  10. How to comment to get more traffic for your nonprofit blog
  11. Using Twitter to get more traffic for your nonprofit blog
  12. Creating content that leads people to want to give to your cause
  13. How to design your website to make people feel like a part of your community, and more connected to you, leading to more donations.
  14. AND MORE!






NEW Bonus Materials:

  1. 30 Day Nonprofit Blogging Checklist
  2. Take Your Nonprofit Website from Zero to Sixty Worksheet
  3. 100 Nonprofit Blog post ideas
  4. List of top WordPress plugins to help you get more readers
  5. Keyword worksheet to help you get more traffic
  6. Worksheet to help you research who to connect with to amplify your posts
  7. Webinar Slides
  8. PLUS the Webinar recording
About the presenter:
Mazarine Treyz has been blogging since 1999, and blogging professionally since 2009. Her recent book, The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media, was given 5 stars by Nonprofits.About.com in 2013, and featured by Beth Kanter, author of Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, on her blog in 2012.mazarine-image2
Ms. Treyz has taught social media to:
  • Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) (2013)
  • National SBA Small Business Week (2013)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (2013)
  • University of Portland Masters in Nonprofit Management Program (2012)
  • The City of Austin, Texas (2011)
  • Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (2010)
  • Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (2012)
  • Texas Business Women’s Network (2011)
  • Meals on Wheels National and many others.



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