Today we are answering more marvelous reader questions!

Darya Asks:

Where to find grants for a center for children in New Hampshire?


Dear Darya,

Here are three places to find grants for a center for children.

The Foundation Center Database at your local library will be the best bet. I have provided the link here. When you go to the library, you’ll have access to the platinum edition of this database. It’s comprehensive. You’ll be able to do incredible searches. You should mention to the librarian that you’d like someone to show you how to use this database, and they’ll hook you up. And you should also bring a usb drive, because you can get a PDF of the record and put it on your drive. This is cheaper than trying to print all of your prospects at the library.

Once you’re in the database, you’ll be able to search by corporate grants as well as private foundations, and they also let you search by who got the grants. So if there’s a Center for Children in, say, Vermont, or in another part of New Hampshire, you can start to see who is funding them.

Obviously, you can also look at their websites and annual reports to see who has been funding them.

You can also do a NOZA search, and this one you can do from the comfort of your own home. NOZA grant searches are free, but if you want to search for major donors, that’s a paid service with them. So make sure you just click “foundations” and not “individuals” when doing a NOZA search. I have linked this here.

Here’s a process point. If all of this sounds like a lot of work, it IS! But you can get FancyHands.com to do some of this research for you, if you give them specific instructions and a list of places to go research. I like Fancyhands a lot and have used them for this purpose. They are virtual assistants in America. each task you give them should take 15 minutes.

More grant research resources:

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Did I leave any resources out? If so, please leave a comment!

Hope this was helpful Darya!