Are you wondering how to build relationships right now? Are you feeling tired, uninspired, or wired?

You are not alone.

I want to share with you what I learned about rejection, love, being afraid, being brave, and not taking things personally. I hope it will inspire you in your own asks, and your own funny stories from now on, about fundraising and about life.

So I made this originally to present at AFP Congress, and now that the world is upsidedown, I want to share it with YOU.

NEW webinar: 60 Dates in 6 months: What I learned about love and rejection

Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

NEW webinar: 60 Dates in 6 months: What I learned about love and rejection

Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

TIME: 10am PT-11:15am PT (1pm-2:15pm ET)


Do you have a love life? Ever treat it like a job? No? That’s just me then? Okay. After being out of a long term relationship for a few years, in 2019, I decided to just go for it. I went onto online dating apps. I decided to do things differently than I ever had before.  I decided to stop being so afraid of rejection., I decided to stop treating every interaction like it was important.

Yes I was looking for love and sex, but I was ALSO looking for someone to build a relationship with. I discovered there are so many ways to be with someone. I discovered my own self-sabotaging patterns. And even after 60 dates… I felt successful!

Did I have creepy experiences? Yes.

Did I learn to ask for what I wanted RIGHT AWAY? ALSO YES!

Did I stop hiding who I really was and get WAY BETTER RESULTS? (What do YOU think?)

Want to get better at your fear of rejection and asking?

Come to this session. We can swap stories and find your bottom line.

Come to this online workshop and learn:

  • – See my hilarious spreadsheet full of dates and what went horribly wrong
  • – How I felt successful even in the midst of wasting so much time
  • – What going on so many dates taught me about fundraising
  • – How to get over your own fear of rejection and asking
  • – Why there is someone for everyone in this wonderful world-that includes fundraising too!

Face it, this is probably the juiciest webinar you’re going to attend this year. Treat yourself! 😉

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