How can we solve this problem of a terrible disposable culture of fundraisers?

Shafted: Research Report Part 2


Why Nonprofit Fundraising Staff are Shafted, and What to Do About It Part 2
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If you’re tired of turnover, tired of no culture of philanthropy, and tired of being called “inefficient,” this research report may show the solution you’re looking for.

The Premise:

Nonprofits are wasteful. Why? Not because of overhead or executive salaries. They are wasteful because they churn development staff. The effect of constant turnover starts to snowball.

1. Let’s say your fundraising person has been fired or left.

2. They left on bad terms, and there’s no standardized process or procedure for fundraising.

3. The upshot of this is that no one is in charge of donor stewardship/grant reporting/events for months at a time.

4. You finally hire someone and everything is a mess. There’s no one to train them. They don’t know what’s been done. There’s a database that hasn’t been updated. Or maybe there’s no database.

5. It takes a development staff person 12-18 months to get up to speed in a new job. The catch is that 12-18 months is exactly how long a development staff person stays at a job.

6. Meanwhile there’s less money which means staff layoffs, fewer services, executive turnover

7. And the process starts all over again, each subsequent transition making it that much harder for the next fundraising staff person to succeed.

Bottom Line: Constant fundraising staff turnover hurts nonprofits. How can nonprofits keep Development Staff AND be more effective? Learn the answers in this research report.


Sneak preview Executive Summary of the Report Click here to download the PDF