Dear Reader,

I hope that you, like me, have been taking a break and blissfully not doing any work at all around the holidays.

What have I been doing instead?

We went for a 5 mile hike! Triple falls! It was fabulous.



One of these is my little brother, and one of these is Steve! 🙂

We also had a Victorian Christmas party in an Edwardian house! We dressed up, wore corsets, had roast chicken, potatoes, and mince pie, we pulled christmas crackers and got crowns and bad jokes out. Also, little toys! It was SO fun! Then we ate marzipan fruit for dessert! To top it all off, we played a game called Cards Against Humanity! It was hilarious. I laughed so much that my face started to hurt. Here are some pictures from the party.




Oh, and then Christmas day we had Dim Sum & watched Skyfall in the theater! This was ALSO fun. If you want to see a good review of Skyfall, go here.


It was the busiest Christmas I’ve had in a long time, but it was so enjoyable! We just might do it again next year!

What did you do over your holiday break? Anything fun? Please leave a comment.