Here’s what people said about the Fundraising Career Conference Presenters!

Great 3 days of fantastic presentation material by amazing professionals and speakers. What I found even more incredible was the common thread between all presentations stressing the importance of interpersonal development, work on both mind and spirit level, and mindfulness towards people in our environments.

Elaine Lou’s session changed my thoughts on how I am doing EVERYTHING, as did Sarai Johnson’s! I am excited to put their sessions into action.

Mazarine, you all were great and extremely helpful

I think that Della Rae, Elaine Lou, Kishshana are exemplary presenters committed to their audiences.

Lori Eberly was my favorite. So specific and informative and action-oriented. Next was Kishshana, Daryl, and Christie. This was a great and diverse line-up. Kudos to you for incorporating many voices from many communities.

Desiree Adaway, was an awesome deep thinking conference. She took us deep sea diving–and I really loved it.

LOVED Kishshana Palmer- Unstuck in the Middle. I felt very inspired afterwards.

All these were just so excellent. i was particularly inspired by Sarai Johnson, Lori Eberly and Desiree Adaway. It was like they were speaking to me about particular issues I’ve been struggling with. I saw some things (in myself) for the first time and got concrete aids for how to address them. THANK YOU!

Thank you Lori! You made me realize some deep truths about myself and I’m so glad that you did. It will be some crazy habit breaking, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Thank you so much to Desiree – I’m feeling really inspired to learn more and become more aware.

Kishana, I loved your energy! I can’t use your tips now because I’m actually moving overseas, but I can’t wait to use your tips in my new job once I get there! Thank you thank you thank you! So ready to get out of the middle!

Maria, thank you so much for explaining sexual harassment in such a straight forward way. I emailed our CEO after the webinar and asked him if I could start a Lean In Circle for our organization and just got a call from him today giving me the go! Very excited to start giving women a better community at my organization.

Della Rae, thank you so much for your insightful talk. I actually quoted something you said in my employee review recently – “Fish rot from the head” 😉 – but don’t worry, I also plan on having a 1:1 conversation with my supervisor and our department head and asking them questions to better understand why things are the way they are.

And thank you Mazarine for having everyone and for helping me stir up some energy to fight again. I feel like I let my fire burn out and now I have regained a sense of purpose and I am going to use my time to speak up, care for others, develop my skills, ask tons of questions, and get assertive!

Lori Eberly’s difficult conversation session and Desiree Adaway’s liberation session were both brilliant and inspiring. I can apply what I’ve learned and help be a positive influence to my co-workers and, as a result, be a much better person for it. This is more important than being a better fundraiser (though it probably will help me be one too!).

Kishshana was awesome and inspiring. Christie was super. I really was motivated to learn from Elaine. Della was also very helpful.  Sarai had wonderful energy and was wonderful to listen to.

Very informative and I would attend another conference. I like that you are going to send the recordings and slides so you can view them on your own time. Keep up the good work.

From Emily Colville : Brilliant! You are awesome! Thank you!!!! I love this conference!

 From Cynthia Lallo : amazing thank you! I love the facilitation of transparency

From Lisa Schachter: Thanks so much, Della Rae – This session is helping me to grasp and clarify the kind of environment I want and need in order to feel happy and fulfilled in a new job.

From Karen Meurer : Thank you for a great presentation. It helped me reflect on my own experiences being on-boarded and how I’ve managed projects and supervised others. It was good to know I did some things right and where I could have done things differently. Thank you!

From Elizabeth Cox : This has been very informative. I have had professional sponsors without knowing that is what they are. I have formal sponsors in other aspects of my life and it is an AHA moment to realize how many other parts of my life has sponsors.

From Dr Sandra To All Panelists : You just don’t even know how much this is blessing me!! thank you very much

If you’d like to catch their sessions, it’s not too late! We have recordings of the Fundraising Career Conference available here.  

Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to our wonderful sponsors and partners!