Over the couple months I’ve been thinking of this quote by Greisa Martinez Rosas, executive director of United We Dream.

Greisa says, “Follow black women’s leadership, with the boundless love of community, and the discipline of hope. We are the embodiment of our ancestors. We do not buy the lie that we are powerless. We embrace the truth. We have come too far, and we will not turn around.”

I’m so lucky she said yes to presenting at the Party at the End of the Patriarchy.

Wanna see the finalized schedule and get excited with me? 


Here you go:

Monday March 8th 2021
Dance/Wellness/Music/Art    12pm ET – 1pm ET (9am PT-10am PT)

Keynote: Imagining a world without patriarchy    1pm ET -2pm ET (10am-11am PT)    Mazarine Treyz

Decolonial Feminist Alternatives to Professionalism    2pm ET- 3pm ET (11am-12pm PT)    Anjali Nath Upadhyay

The Good Death    3pm ET – 4pm ET (12pm-1pm PT)    Gloria Coleman

The Discipline of Hope: History and wins of 2020 and vision for the future    4pm ET – 5pm ET (1pm – 2pm PT)    Greisa Martinez Rosas & Fran Eddings

Wednesday March 10th 2021
Dance/Wellness/Music/Art    12pm ET – 1pm ET (9am PT-10am PT)

Canada’s Changing Donor Landscape    1pm ET – 2pm ET (10am PT – 11am PT )    Bruce MacDonald & Bobby Sahni

Using social media for social change    2pm ET- 3pm ET (11am-12pm PT)    Wagatwe Wanjuki

What does it take to win NOW? How can we get ready for 2024?    3pm ET – 4pm ET (12pm-1pm PT)    Irene Konev & Fran Eddings

The World We Want    4pm ET – 5pm ET (1pm – 2pm PT)    A conversation with Kishshana Palmer & Mazarine Treyz

Friday March 12th 2021
Dance/Wellness/Music/Art    12pm ET – 1pm ET (9am PT-1pm PT)

Visions of the Future    1pm- 2pm ET (10am PT -11am PT)    Nneka Allen & others

Entrepreneurial Gene Keys    2pm ET- 3pm ET (11am-12pm PT)    Mazarine Treyz

Self actualizing self help    3:30pm ET – 4:30pm ET (12pm-1pm PT)    Aliguma Young

Successful Online Fundraising Panel with Twitch creators and nonprofits    4pm ET – 5pm ET (1pm – 2pm PT)    Vanessa Brasfield and Others

You can come for one day, or every day. I hope you join us every day. And everyone gets the recordings if they can’t come to each one!

If you want more details on all of these presentations, check out https://endofpatriarchy.com and join us!