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Mazarine Treyz, with The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising and The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media

but… your e-newsletter is your most powerful social media tool.

Earlier this year I taught a webinar with 100+ people how to create more powerful e-newsletters, and people loved it.

The reason you need to be using e-newsletters is quite simple. Your potential customers may not go on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. But if they have a smartphone, they might check their email even before they get out of bed. Even if they don’t have a smartphone, most people check their email as soon as they get to work.

I wish I had understood this years ago. I started building my list in April 2010, and didn’t communicate consistently until just last year. But since I started communicating with people who sign up on my website, I’ve gotten tons more sales, opportunities, and even more people connecting and communicating with me. It is THE most powerful social media tool for your nonprofit, and I’d love to teach you how to get more donors and more cash.

As of this writing, I have 21,000 monthly readers, 1,100 enewsletter subscribers, 3,000 twitter followers, and 500+ LinkedIn followers. I’ve been asked to speak at conferences, and given webinars to thousands of people. I’ve spoken about social media to the City of Austin and many others. I’d love to teach you how I did it.

here’s a free preview of my enewsletter chapter in my book, The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media:

How to Get More Customers or Donors with e-newsletters! by MazarineTreyz

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