We Won! 

One thing we learned- Trust Black Women to Lead (see article from Essence Magazine about the Black Women who made this victory possible)

Because we believe in Black women’s leadership – we have a whole conference on deck for you this week!

Join us to learn from Black women, listen to Black women, and support Black women in leadership! 

WOW! Our New Power Conference is Getting Media Coverage in Charity Report and Veritus Group Podcast!

We need to support nonprofit women during this pandemic- I go over how in this 30 min interview

SO HAPPY that our conference was featured in Charity Report!

They are publishing Collecting Courage: Black Women’s Stories in Fundraising this month! You can pre-order it here.

So much good news. So much happiness. I am so excited about the road ahead. Won’t you join us

Can’t wait to see you there in just 24 hours!


P.S. TL:DR -> Just 24 hrs left to get a ticket to The New Power Fundraising Conference, and we have so much to share with you. Check it out– tickets are going fast!

P.P.S. Jokes and Truth, Periodt