Hey, ever wondered how to get more donors for your cause?

What have you done about that?

I’m reading a book right now that I think would help you find new donors and help them want to give to your organization.

It’s called “Make your Contacts Count” by Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon.

It’s all about how people start to know, like, and trust you. This can go for a business as well as a nonprofit, but let’s start here. This is the anatomy of a donor relationship. Please try to keep up.

Get more donors now!

How to get more donors

It takes 5-7 touches to make people move through these stages into allies for your nonprofit.

Little Accidents
Start seeing these little accidents as opportunities to get more people involved with your nonprofit.

Start with Speaking engagements
This might be when you’re giving a speaking engagement somewhere. The people there made the choice to be there, and they are curious about what you have to say. What an opportunity! Start to tell them about who you are, but first, get to know who they are, what they are looking for, tap into what their hopes and fears are.

Enewsletter signup
Perhaps they sign up for your e-newsletter that day, and you have permission to email them. Thank them for this opportunity, and give them a free gift for signing up for your e-newsletter. Maybe it’s a free pdf about your cause, or maybe a sticker, or another piece of swag.

Thank them right away!
Maybe they sign up and you give them a shout out on Twitter or Linkedin or both.

Personal email or phone-call
Maybe you send them a personal message or call them, and ask them about their lives, ask them what they are looking for in their lives, or ask them about their family or other causes they give to, and why they give to them.

Follow up
If you’ve called or emailed them, and then they’ve picked up or emailed back, thank them right away, with a personal note.

How do you move from Accident to Acquaintance?

Open House
Maybe this is the first time they walk into your open house. They’re curious about you. They left their comfortable house to come and meet you and learn who you are. Take this for the compliment that it is. Maybe they also give you $1.00 or even $10.00 at this time.

Give them something right away
What can you give them? How can you connect with them at that time?
1. Have a program delivery person be held up as a hero, and share a story about your nonprofit
2. Share a personal story about why you’re involved, if you want.
3. Invite them to share their stories about their past, in any way.
4. Also, give them food.
5. Maybe ask them to sign a petition about a particular issue, pass that around, and then give them something, like a pen or a pin, to say thank you.
6. If they’re interested, invite them to another event, perhaps a protest, or a movie night

Follow up and ask for their opinion
After the open house, email or call personally and follow up with each person. How did they enjoy the night? Would they have liked anything to be different? Send them a thank you note if you can’t follow up personally.

Say thank you publicly, again
If they are on Twitter or Linkedin, mention them on there and thank them for coming to your nonprofit open house.

Can you connect them with something they need?
Ask them if they are looking for recommendations for things, such as people that you might have connections to. Perhaps they’re looking for a new yoga studio, and you have a new age nonprofit, and you happen to know tons of yoga teachers. Take pride in connecting them personally. Help them see you as a resources as well as a nonprofit.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!