Have you looked on craigslist for a nonprofit job lately?

Here’s what I’ve been seeing.

Nonprofits that want all of your time and
don’t want to give you more than $13/hr

Nonprofits that want you to toil in the hot sun for $10/hr and accost people and ask them to give. They brush you off, you start again.

Nonprofits that say they want you part time so they can get away with paying you far below what you’re worth, and you KNOW that job is going to eat up all of your time.

Nonprofits that want someone with all of your excellent qualifications, at a fraction of the price it took you to acquire them!

Nonprofits that want you to work for them, for free, as a board member at a nonprofit that has no paid staff.

It’s not like we’re competing with China or India here, like manufacturers or programmers are having to do. No, we’re competing with other stingy nonprofits and our own willingness to sacrifice our economic future in the name of a cause.

What is a culture of destitution? When EVERYONE who works at nonprofits, except for chief executives, are underpaid. That is, MOST people who work at nonprofits make under US$60,000 a year. And the Huffington Post just did a feature on a study that shows how US$60,000 per year will make you happy, and anything beyond that won’t really make much difference, and anything below that will be not enough and stress you out and make you sick. So as nonprofit workers, we’re basically BEING ASKED TO SACRIFICE OUR OWN HAPPINESS. Why is this our way of life? Why can’t we do better for the people that work so hard to solve social problems?

A woman came to me yesterday and she said that in her nonprofit job interview, she asked about compensation, and the interviewers kind of laughed and said, “It’s $12 per hour, with an option of a raise after a year, HA HA HA WE ALL WISH WE COULD MAKE MORE,” and how much do you want to bet that the turnover in that position is between 6-12 months?

It’s interesting that the interviewer psychologically manipulated her into thinking that he ALSO got paid $12 per hour, and that she was silly for expecting more. What a sly way to make a culture of destitution seem NORMAL! Oh girl. It is so sad what some people will accept as normal.

uncharitable by dan pallotta

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Read it, share it with your friends.

What’s wrong with our society that we assign such a low value to people who want to solve our social problems? Why are we paying people who are working on making life better so little?

We’ve got to start demanding a higher wage. We’ve got to start being open about what we make, and demanding equal pay for equal work. We’ve got to start treating our nonprofit staff with the respect, kudos, and money that they deserve.

Come on!