I just got back from AFP ICON and presented on all about fundraising resumes and cover letters at my session. Want to see what we learned about?

Here are 4 videos to help you write a better fundraising resume and cover letter today.

Sample Fundraising Resumes

Writing a better fundraising resume with no experience (or sector switching!) If you’re ready to make a change into a specific area of fundraising or just into the nonprofit sector in general, this video can help you parse out how to frame your skills, values and strengths.

Writing a better resume (for experienced fundraisers only!). This technique really works. It helped a friend of mine get interviews when she wasn’t getting them before!

Sample Fundraising Cover Letters

Writing a better cover letter (telling a story in your cover letter)

Writing a better cover letter standard way to address their requirements. This can help them see that you’ve got the years of experience to help their nonprofit succeed.

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