YES I AM A NERD Look at my big nerd glasses! Oh! Holding a microphone! Laying down the fat beats! So nerdy!

Remit envelopes are super important, a key fundraising tool that your nonprofit should never run out of!

Believe it or not, I am such a fundraising nerd that I actually had a dream that I should write this blog post about remit envelopes. Here you go! Straight from my subconscious to you! 🙂

Oh, also I spoke with some people at networking events and on the phone and they did not know what remit envelopes were. So, if you are too embarrassed to ask someone in person, here you go!


What is a remit envelope and why do you need it for your nonprofit?

A remit envelope is the envelope that donations go in to give to your cause.

So why have them?

First rule of fundraising: Make it easy for them to give you the money. How easy?

Hand them this envelope (AND A PEN!) and you are halfway there.

They can put a check in this envelope, or they can write down their credit card information on it. It is an easy way for them to give to you right in the moment, and make an impulse gift.

When can you use a remit envelope?

You make it a no-brainer to give to your cause by giving out remit envelopes on these occasions.

  • At speaking engagements
  • In appeal letters
  • At your annual events
  • When you go to meet with donors
  • In your annual report
  • In your paper newsletter

And more.

What do remit envelopes look like?

Here are some examples.



What goes on a remit envelope?

  1. The donor’s name
  2. The donor’s address
  3. The donor’s credit card information
  4. Option to be added to your e-newsletter list (with a place for their email address)
  5. Option to give a monthly gift
  6. Option to give an in-kind donation
  7. Option to volunteer with you
  8. Option to learn more about planned giving
  9. Option to learn more about major gifts giving circle

How big are remit envelopes?

They are usually either the 6.5 or 6 and 3/4ths of an inch size, or a larger size.


Would you like a remit envelope template?

Create an envelope in your word processing program with these dimensions:

For a regular size remit envelope:


For a large remit envelope: