Time for some hard truths: 40% of nonprofits could cease to exist in the next year. YIKES! 

What this means: We are outgrowing the form we inhabit.

Right now our nonprofits and society is built on white supremacy- with limiting systems and structures outside and inside.

Immaturity means you are not aware of your environment, and you are not aware of how you affect the world. Self awareness is maturity.

We are being asked to become more self aware in how we treat others, and how we treat ourselves, to break free of white supremacist systems.

This also means being more self-aware inside our nonprofit systems and structures. When we become more self aware, we can step into the future of fundraising. That is what the New Power Fundraising Conference will help you do.

Join us and become more aware of your own power, inside and outside, to find true equity and justice. 

Here’s what you’ll learn at the New Power Fundraising Conference November 11-13th, 2020. 

  • On Wednesday, November 11th our first day will be all about the inner YOU. Looking at your strengths, your weaknesses, and your inner journey. Our keynote by Kishshana Palmer will excite you, inspire you, and lift you higher. Change doesn’t have to be difficult! It can even be fun. Raise your vibe and get moving! 
  • Nonprofits can’t rely on in-person galas anymore. If we are going to survive, we need new fundraising guides. On Thursday November 12th I invite you to the evolving future of fundraising. What does it look like? Using technology in new ways. Exploring fundraising with major gifts, What’sApp, Twitch.tv, and more.
  • On Friday, November 13th we’ll look at how your career can expand even during a pandemic. We’ll have folks talking about their nonprofit fundraising career stories, how you can do two people’s jobs, and more!  

Are you ready to join us? Just click here to see details of the juicy sessions and speakers in store!

Get a preview of this fantastic event with these interviews with

Gloria Coleman: Here’s how you taming the Chaos- Succession Planning!

Aly Sweetman: What Twitch fundraising is, and why you should care

Kierra Taplin: Grief and Joy

Naira Bonilla- Using social media for justice

Upcoming: Melissa Watkins on how to do 2 people’s jobs at once!