I want to thank you for reading, for buying my products and engaging my services this year.

I am so grateful to you, my readers, customers and clients, because you make this all possible.

Here is what you have said about me on Twitter this year-AND THANK YOU for supporting me and Wild Woman Fundraising!



Thank you Sheena Greer of Colludo!

Thank you Carrie Packard of CarriePackard.com!

Thank you the National Council of Nonprofits!

Thank you Bloomerang!

Thank you Gail Perry!

Thank you to Ecology In the Classrooms and Outdoors!

Thank you Agents of Good and John Lepp!

Thank you Dani Mailing of DaniellaMailing.com!

Thank you Beyond Borders!

Thank you Smart Annual Giving!

Thank you Khadijah Britton!

Thank you Socially Good!

Thank you Haley Sayed!

Thank you Andrew McGlothlen!

Thank you Living Yoga!

Thank you Claire Axelrad of Clarification!

Thank you Andrea Bell!

Thank you Shannon MacInnes!

Thank you Caryn Stein!

Thank you Network for Good!

Thank you Paul Bobnak!


Without you, I would not get to be on this crazy rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, and make a difference every day to nonprofits all over the world.

So thank you for supporting me on this journey.