Have you ever wanted to get MORE done every day?
Have you ever been frustrated with how little it seems like you can accomplish in your office?

Have you ever just been totally stuck with everything you have to do, and wondering, “HOW can I become 5 people so I can get all of my work done?”

If so, I have a host of resources for you!


idealistorg Do you need some help? Where can you get it?


It’s for more than just jobs! It looks like they have a blog now as well, and possibly, if you post a volunteer request there, people will come and volunteer for you.


VolunteerMatch.org Website


VolunteerMatch is an excellent source of volunteers. Do you need an extra pair of hands at your big event? Perhaps VolunteerMatch can help you.

If you want help getting your volunteers to fundraise for you, just click here.



Another volunteering site!

Here are three more bonus places to get help: Koodonation, SkillsforChange and GlobalGiving. where to get virtual volunteers

Go there! Micro-volunteering opportunities! Maybe you need a lawyer to look over a legal document. Maybe you need someone to edit your appeal letter and make it better. Check them out. It’s virtual volunteering at its best.

One thing I’ve noticed though, is that sometimes volunteers can’t always do what you need them to do, to your standards.

I’m thinking of one cringe-worthy day when I had people from a company come to volunteer at my nonprofit. I got together phone-a-thon resources and thought that everyone knew that we needed them to come and do a phone-a-thon. They got there and 90% of the people said, “Oh hey, I don’t want to do fundraising. I just want to, you know, do some clean-up tasks or something.” So then I had to scramble to find things for them to do while simultaneously trying to direct the phone-a-thon. It was a MESS. They left in a huff after doing some random tasks. I stayed and finished the phone-a-thon with the 2 volunteers I had left. It was better than nothing. We got a few thousand dollars that day.

Where do YOU find volunteer help?


If you want help getting your volunteers to fundraise for you, just click here.