The Networked Nonprofit Beth Kanter, Allison Fine

The Networked Nonprofit Beth Kanter, Allison Fine

I just got the Networked Nonprofit!

Go Beth Kanter! Go Allison Fine! It’s so good!

This book answers clearly and concisely what your nonprofit stands to gain by being investing in social media. Two key points are that your nonprofit can use social media to “Listen, Engage and Build Relationships”, and that when you do this, “Transparency Builds Trust.”

If you know how Twitter works, this should be telling you why your nonprofit should be on Twitter!
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Let me break it down:

0. As a free channel for conversation directly targeting people who care about your cause, it’s hard to beat!

1. It’s a wonderful way to thank your donors. @DCShoutouts is doing this now. And it makes me want to give to them.

2. It’s a good way to connect to potential donors, including foundations!

3. It’s a fun free way to have conversations with people around a hashtag for your cause. Cheaper and more fun than a phone-a-thon, you can ask people questions that matter, and help them feel more engaged in the issues you’re working on. Try TweetGrid for this service.

4. When you’re transparent on Twitter, people can start to trust you.

5. When you look for people mentioning you on Twitter, you can listen to them. It’s more and more clear how the community views you.

6. It does actually lead to fundraising too. Beth Kanter raised over $16,000 on Twitter!

Oh plus, SO MANY people are on there, and using Twitter to gain support for their causes, as well as their businesses, and their personal brands. You can learn a lot from people who are doing what works.

If you need proof of how many people are on there, check out this chart from Mashable.

How many people are on twitter

How many people are on twitter?