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Fundraising Career Conference 2016

Getting a raise & moving on up

Want to get a bigger salary? Read what I said in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

What happens when you don’t pay a living wage (with data from Donor Centered Leadership)

This is some good back up data that will help you justify getting a raise at your organization. If they only knew how much they would lose by losing you, they’d work harder to keep you!

Case Study: How to Negotiate Your Nonprofit Salary

Here’s the real story of how an executive director negotiates her salary in the interview. Check it out!

Interview with Marc Pitman: How to get a raise

Interview with Meghan Godorov: How to get a raise

Both Marc Pitman and Meghan Godorov (Certified salary negotiation expert) taught how to get a raise in your nonprofit job last year at the fundraising career conference, and one attendee named Natalie Ramos in Chicago got a 42% raise at her new fundraising job! You definitely want to check out Meghan’s session at this year’s Fundraising Career Conference.

Are you tired of making a tiny wage?

Moving on up in your nonprofit, how does it work?

Getting fired in fundraising-What’s behind it?



Keeping Your Job

11 ways to make today better in your fundraising office


Why is there a revolving door? One little word

13 behaviors to start building trust at your organization

What makes a leader? Marc Pitman thinks it’s the ability to get and keep trust. If people don’t trust you, why would you be able to lead them? Learn more about how to build trust, and get colleagues to trust you at your nonprofit.


How to manage up in your fundraising job

Boss clueless about fundraising? Here’s what to do

This interview with Kishshana Palmer can really help you get your boss to understand what you do, why you do it, and help you instead of hinder you in your fundraising job. Who knows? You might just be able to create a culture of philanthropy together!


Productivity in Fundraising

How to get more done at your fundraising job

18 habits every fundraiser should have in the first 6 months on the job

How to get it all done when you’re a fundraising 1-armed paperhanger

Reader Questions: What needs to be done in the first 90 days of a fundraising role?

Here are all of my best tips to make you look your best in your first 90 days. Follow these, underpromise and overdeliver, and they will believe you are a fundraising superstar!


What’s the dark side of fundraising? 

10 things people don’t talk about in fundraising (but should)

8 secret signs you might be getting fired in fundraising



Work-Life Balance in Fundraising

4 ways to find the work that is most fulfilling to you


Boundaries in your fundraising job-Interview with Sheena Greer of Colludo

Incredible crisis, AGAIN! What to do

Are you giving your power away?

What are some signs of bad boundaries? People are still working after 7pm in your office. You’re encouraged not to take vacation, and work on the weekends. You’re encouraged to give everything to your job. Another sign of bad boundaries is if you feel the work is never done, but you try to stay on top of it anyway. Another bad boundary red flag is if you’re meeting your goals, and then they set you higher goals, over and over, without giving you a bigger budget or more help. If you’ve ever wanted to have better boundaries about your work, these articles will help you.


4 Ways you might be letting your job kill your life

When you’re feeling demotivated in fundraising

Fixing a toxic work environment

Let’s talk about our longevity in this field, and even in your current nonprofit. How do you think you can survive this pace you’re currently at? CAN you survive going this hard all the time? If not, then let’s talk about other ways you can exist here. Do you have to leave this current work environment to have a healthier work environment? Read these articles to find the answer.


Passion for the mission is a MUST!

This is Habitat BITCH!

Sometimes… working in fundraising, we like it, but… the job application part is a bummer. And then we see “passion for the mission is a must!” and of course, you want people who love the mission. But you always want to make sure that the nonprofit is going to treat you right. And how do you know? Well, if they pay you a good wage, if the people are good to work with, and if they don’t say what Habitat for Humanity said above-which is… a bit unfriendly to be honest. Take a look.


Are you abandoning yourself for your job?

What stories do you tell about your fundraising job?

If you’ve ever worked past 6pm, if you’ve ever answered work emails on the weekend, if you’ve ever felt totally exhausted by your job, these two posts are for you.


Does your nonprofit have a gender asbestos problem?

Women and Workaholism in your fundraising office

Let’s talk gender in fundraising. Do you work too hard? Why is that? Is it because you feel like you have to prove yourself more than other people in the office? What are some assumptions people might make about you because you’re a woman? And what can you do about those assumptions?



The Gig Economy and the Nonprofit Sector

Book Review: Pam Slim’s Body of Work



Fundraising Career Paths-Examples and Profiles

Check out these different career paths of fundraisers

Transitioning into your fundraising career-Interview with Lisa Taylor

How I came to Fundraising– Carrie-Ann Goodfellow, Manager of Development

My fundraising career path– Emily Lane, Development Associate, Major Gifts

Why fundraising systems could be your gateway to leadership-Interview with MercyCorps Senior Director of Major Gifts David Rubin

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Fundraising Career Conference 2016