I want to tell you about something completely incredible that happened last night. I put this simple message out on Twitter:

“Hey Twitter, can you help me out? I am looking for small rural clinics and hospitals using social media.”

The response was instant and tremendous, because @TweetSmarter picked up my question and retweeted it to others.

Over fifty people, complete strangers, responded, and some of their answers are below.

People’s responses ranged from retweeting my question to asking me to tell them what I found out, as well as providing some extremely helpful answers.

TweetSmarter ROCKS!

TweetSmarter ROCKS!

TweetSmarter Questions!

TweetSmarter is so incredible!

I was so touched! Total strangers, helping me out, simply because I asked for help!

What did I get out of this?
I got lots of different links to different hospitals and clinics, I got smarter around how to ask this question, I started to create relationships with new people, and got new followers too!

If you have a question that you’d like answered, and you want to connect with people on Twitter too, I suggest that you ask a question, and ask @TweetSmarter to retweet it. You might work for a nonprofit that cares about domestic violence, for example. And you might want to ask, “How are other domestic violence agencies doing social media? What are some policies I can follow?”

If you work at a hospital, how are you doing social media?

Do you have a facebook page for your hospital?

Do you have a twitter account?

Do you have a blog?

I have so many resources now pertaining to hospitals and social media! Here are some of the first links!
Ed Bennett’s comprehensive list
How doctors use twitter to help people follow a live surgery.
A big hospital social media resource list

Here are some people on Twitter who know more about this!

And MORE! More people responded! But there were so many, I don’t have time to write them all.

If you responded, please feel free to write a comment below, or just tell me more about what your hospital is doing, and how it is going for you!

Thank you!