Here’s How I Work With You:

Consulting: I consult with nonprofit leaders in fundraising, providing feedback, advice and support. Get started with Fundraising Consulting.

Donor Communications: Want to increase your annual fund revenue? I can help you write killer appeal letters and email campaigns. Also, I can teach your team to write high performing direct mail appeal letters, newsletters, annual reports, website copy and online fundraising campaigns. View my client list here.


Career Services: I help fundraisers rise in their careers with resume and cover letter editing, and more. Learn more here.

 Speaking: I speak with keynotes, workshops, and train staff, board and volunteers in fundraising and leadership. My Speaking & Fundraising training includes improving productivity, mastering the trick of fundraising planning, learning to set goals, follow through and succeed in fundraising, creating higher donor communications returns, learn to write better donor communications, generate more revenue per donor, reduce conflict and create a culture of philanthropy, improve donor retention, cut attrition and more. Please note that I am unable to provide free presentations. 

Fundraising Mastermind Elite: For small nonprofits, I created a fundraising department in a box kit, called Fundraising Mastermind Elite, with 10 e-courses, 30+ webinar recordings, and almost everything in my store. You can learn more about Fundraising Mastermind Elite here. 

How Rob from Food on Foot, a nonprofit got $50K in monthly giving

What results will you get from working with me?

Mazarine Treyz

From 2011 to 2018 I taught over 15,000 nonprofit professionals to succeed in fundraising. Results? But of course!

Here’s just a few results people have gotten from my training and writing:

  • Highest amount in sponsorships ever for the Woodlands Arts Festival in Texas, (over $132,000)
  • $66,000 in an first time online campaign for a Los Angeles social services nonprofit
  • $5,000+ in year-end crowdfunding appeals for a Florida arts nonprofit
  • Tripled the appeal return for a nonprofit, going from $3,000 to $16,000
  • 1,000 new mailing list names for another nonprofit due to my advice,
  • Over $40,000 in new sponsorships for a NYC Catholic school and
  • Over $35,000 for a Californian senior services nonprofit appeal, despite starting later and more competition in the market.

I would love to help your nonprofit to succeed in fundraising too.

See results people have gotten from my fundraising coaching, my membership program, and my trainings.


We offer a-la carte or retainer consulting on

Fundraising Planning

  • Creating a fundraising plan
  • Integrating your fundraising and communications plans
  • Prioritizing your fundraising efforts
  • Reaching new audiences with your message and engaging your current audience
  • Planning to find new donors
  • How to keep your donors plan

Donor Communications

  • Appeal letter editing and strategies
  • Newsletter editing and strategies
  • Annual report editing and strategies
  • Creating online campaigns
  • Year-end fundraising strategies integrating direct mail and online campaigns
  • Unique stewardship systems to help you keep your donors
  • Surveys to help you know your donor
  • Analysis of your current donate page and website, to help you get more donations online


  • Staff and board development workshops and trainings
  • Custom fundraising webinars for your staff
  • Creating systems to help other people fundraise for you

My model is created specifically for mid-size and large organizations.

Does this work? Ask my previous clients.

Mazarine Treyz

Fundraising consulting and coaching? Why?

Because you want results. Our calls will be 100% percent focused on for your organization, on the roadblocks you’re facing and the goals you want to realize.

As part of my initial assessment, I will work with you to figure out what fundraising topics and strategies you need to focus on or want to work on this year.  On our calls, you can bounce ideas around, ask questions, get concise and meaningful feedback, and get expert fundraising advice from me. No hype. These calls are results oriented.

We could work on:

  • Brainstorming new sources of income for your nonprofit, like I did for the Global Autism Project (They made $60K in 6 months with a new income stream!)
  • Get a $20,000 sponsorship, the largest in your nonprofit’s history, for the first time from a brand new sponsor (results from an east coast children’s nonprofit)
  • Triple your income like HOPE Inc did (over $100K raised)
  • Send out the best appeal letters your organization has ever done, like I did for one Meals on Wheels affiliate. They raised $35,000 with the letter I helped write!
  • Start your first real fundraising and communications plan, and follow through with it, like HOPE Inc
  • See your donations increase 100% with your appeal letters, like the Austin Civic Orchestra did
  • Create donor acknowledgement systems that help you keep your donors, like I did with the Global Autism Project
  • Triple your grant money, like I did for The Urban League of Portland
    • Start a monthly giving program and get 10 new monthly donors, like HOPE Inc. 
    • Motivate and train board members to help you fundraise, like I did for the Austin Civic Orchestra
    • Put your volunteers to work as your volunteer fundraising army, like I did for Clackamas Women’s Services
    • Help you get big event sponsors, like a Catholic school in New York did, getting $15K, $1,500, and more, using the same techniques I’ve taught to hundreds of nonprofits
    • Create systems to teach others how to fundraise for you and MORE!

        Who have I worked with?

        Here is what Kenita Smith, CEO of HOPE Inc. has to say

        After  your last webinar on donor newsletters, I used a bit of the info you shared and put it into a LOI which went out the next afternoon.  Long story short, the recipient liked it so much that she called (what must have been almost immediately) and after a twenty minute conversation by phone, she OFFERED (without letting me get to the ask) $85,000. Thank you!
        – Judi de Souter, Director of Advancement, Catholic Development Partners, New York, NY
        With our first online spring fundraising campaign in 2015, we raised $66K, more than twice our original goal of $25K, thanks to her strategy, copywriting and online fundraising coaching. We continue to work with Wild Woman Fundraising after 4 years. Since then, our monthly donors have risen from 350 to 550, to over $500K per year.
        – Jay Goldinger, CEO, Food on Foot, Los Angeles, CA
        I personally hired Mazarine Treyz as a coach to guide me and strategize our fundraising efforts at HOPE Chinese Charter School. Our first monthly giving campaign closed at $101,590, (over goal) the highest ever raised! All I did was apply the strategy I learned from Mazarine.
        – Czarina Boyce, Board Member, HOPE Chinese Charter School, #1 Charter school in Oregon, Beaverton, OR

        Could I understand where you’re coming from?

        Are you the founder of your nonprofit? I feel your pain. I’ve co-founded a nonprofit, too. I know how difficult it can be to get a new nonprofit off the ground. And I can help you create systems to get everything done right the first time.

        Are you the executive director? I love working with executive directors! I love how entrepreneurial and autonomous executive directors can be. And I love how quickly we can get things done together.

        Are you leading an all-volunteer nonprofit? I’ve been there, too. I can help you navigate getting board members to work, teach your board to fundraise, so that you can build the capacity to get paid staff. I can help you choose a database, and develop a better relationship with your donors.

        I’ve worked in one-to-three person shops at small nonprofits. I’ve done everything from get $250,000 in sponsorships to $35,000 in appeal returns to $120,000 in grants (over the course of a year, doubling and sometimes tripling previous results) for such diverse causes as; domestic violence, social justice, animal welfare, education, healthcare, arts in healthcare, senior services, classical music, and more.

        I’ve also worked internationally. I know some of the pain of NGOs and raising money for overseas projects. I can help you make your cause more relevant to people who may never see the project.

        So, is it worth it?

        YES! Since starting Wild Woman Fundraising in winter 2009, I’ve studied fundraising obsessively. And this shows in my three five-star rated books, 800+ blog posts, 12 courses, 30+ custom webinars, two virtual conferences and more. I also have over seven years experience actually working in the trenches-from being a development director to co-founding a nonprofit. And I’ve organized mastermind groups with fundraisers much more experienced than me, and learned a lot from them too! But don’t just take MY word for it. Read the consulting references below.

        I would love to take everything I’ve learned and help you succeed. 

        How does it work?

        • Silver package: We can do a-la carte consulting for $250 per hour on any issue you might be working on right now.
        • Gold package: We can work on a retainer basis. This is an investment, an investment in the future of your organization. I can help you to build a strong, sustainable and effective organization.

        Your return? Together, we’ll inject new life into your fundraising office. I won’t make grand promises, but together we can boost your fundraising. If you build your relationships and work hard on your fundraising, the sky’s the limit.