Do you ever struggle to explain to your family what you do?

Do you ever feel like, “How can I get them to understand in a meaningful way all that I’ve accomplished this year? It just won’t make sense to them!”

Well, ME TOO!

So, maybe it’s time for visual aids, right?

Because my family always asks me when I come home,

“So, what are you up to, what did you do this year?”

AND I always feel inadequately up to that task (Because, hello, how can I encapsulate a whole year into 2 or 3 sentences without boring them to tears and making them regret they ever asked the question)?

I have finally figured out how to convey what I’ve done in a more meaningful way, and made not one but two infographics on what I’ve done this year! Call this my “annual report” yeah?

That will teach them to ask me casual questions that could be answered in paragraphs! >:)



Not to brag, but this was a fantastic year.

How did I make these graphics? I used Canva.

Oh, also also, I made new business cards in CANVA! Check Canva.com out! It’s AWESOME. And free.