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Year End Fundraising
3-Part Masterclass Series

Getting ready to write your year end appeal letter?
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Students say:

“I just wanted to share some very encouraging news now that our year-end appeal is winding down. With what I’ve learned from you, and a lot of donor cultivation, we have seen our annual appeal grow 244% over last year. I am stoked!" 

- Judi De Souter, New York, NY
Learning How to Write a Better Appeal Letter Will:

• Help you remind donors how urgent your work is
• Make your donors trust you more

• Enable donors tell your story to others

• Encourage your donors give more

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Year End Fundraising
3-Part Masterclass Series
2x Returns
Learn how to double your year end appeal letter return
Donor Relations
Writing that nurtures positive responses from donors
Sample Letters
Access to library of appeal letters from top nonprofits
Class Recordings
Download classes for repeat listening at your convenience

LIVE Masterclass #1 with Mazarine Treyz
Writing Stunning Appeal Letters: Piece by Piece
Thursday, October 25, 2018
1-2pm PST (4-5pm EST)
In the first masterclass you will learn:

⇢ How to write heart-stopping appeal letter headers (with real examples)

⇢ What makes a good story for your letter

⇢ How to create urgency in your letter

⇢ What enclosures help lend authority to your nonprofit

⇢ What makes a good P.S. (with real examples)

BONUS: Proven phrases that reactivate donors 

BONUS: Real examples of the best appeals I've come across

BONUS: How to get more people on your mailing list

“Your Appeal Letters webinar was sooooo good! Thanks so much for the best training in years. Clear. Concise. Real world examples. Great pace. Loved it!”

-Julie Nations, Executive Director, The Ellie Fund, Boston, MA

LIVE Masterclass #2 with Mazarine Treyz
Design That Will Supercharge Year End Appeal Fundraising
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
1-2pm PST (4-5pm EST)
In the second masterclass you will learn:

⇢  How to design your envelope so it's torn open and read FAST!

⇢ Which pictures will soar, and which pictures will FLOP!

⇢ How to gather persuasive testimonials and why you want them

⇢ Direct mail vs. email appeals and how to tie them together for greatest effect

⇢ How to tailor your call to action for online versus offline appeals 

BONUS: How to get your mailing costs down

BONUS: How to vet a mailing/printing company AND MORE!

““This has been one of the best webinars I’ve attended. Incredible amount of information that I can’t wait to implement at work. Thank you so much! ”

  -Jen Hiebert, Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute, Moscow, Idaho USA

“Your appeal letter webinar gave me TONS of ideas for making our year-end direct mailing more effective. The opportunity for questions and answers was also extremely valuable! Thanks!”

- T.J. Holsen, Development Director, Parents as Teachers of Lake County, Inc. Indiana, USA

LIVE Masterclass #3 with Mazarine Treyz
Crucial Year End Giving Strategies
Thursday, Nov 1, 2018
1-2pm PST (4-5pm EST)
In the third and final masterclass you will learn:

⇢  How to evaluate and measure email fundraising performance

⇢ When to send your emails for the best results

⇢ Current fundraising email strategies

⇢ Best ways to design your emails

⇢ What happens if you send an email instead of a letter (our findings)

⇢ ADVANCED: What to include (and leave out) in your email after sending an appeal letter

TEMPLATE: Fundraising Campaign Timeline for Appeal Emails and Letters

PLUS Appeal Letter Critique

This masterclass series includes a wonderful chance to get your appeal letter reviewed and critiqued by Mazarine Treyz, to help you help you get higher numbers of donors and higher donation amounts! ($500 value)

Year End Fundraising
Register for this 3-part masterclass series and learn how you can double the return on your 2018 year end appeal letter.
About the Teacher
Mazarine Treyz has helped thousands of nonprofit professionals make better appeal letters since 2012. 

Ms. Treyz has co-founded a nonprofit and worked in fundraising roles for 10 years. She’s raised millions for small, national and international charities via grants, events, sponsorships, crowdfunding, appeals and more.

In 2015 she helped a small homelessness nonprofit in LA raise $75,000 with their spring appeal, and $100,000 with their year end appeal.

She writes, serving 50,000 monthly readers. 
Downloadable Materials
Includes test for donor-centric letter, readability resource, visual process flow document, estimating cost of appeal worksheet, and more.
Exclusive Bonus Recording
John Lepp's presentation: "Everything I know about direct mail I learned from my Mother-in-Law"
Intimate Class Size
Only 20 seats available for this masterclass series, which may never be offered again live.
Library of Sample Appeal Letters
Review the best of the best year end appeal letters to learn what you could be doing.
Recordings of All 3 Masterclasses
Can't make it live, or want to listen again while writing your appeal letters? You'll have full access to the recordings.
Get Your Appeal Letter Critiqued
Each registrant of this masterclass series will get a personal appeal latter critique from Mazarine Treyz.
Your Investment
Annual Report Critique: $500
Three Masterclasses: $100 each

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the appeal letter masterclass cost?

For an appeal letter critique alone, you would pay $500, plus for each webinar, you usually end up paying $100 each. That's $800!   But you'll only pay $297. That's a discount of over $500!

Are you offering this masterclass again in 2018?

No, if you miss this masterclass, we may never offer it again.

What payment processing options are there?

You can pay through Paypal or Stripe with any major credit card for this masterclass.

How is this material different from other masterclasses?

We're doing a deeper dive into how email supports your year end appeal. We have also engaged a new teacher, Brady Josephson, to share how his clients succeed in year end appeals. There are some unique year end appeals that are taking advantage of these new trends, which can help you raise thousands more from donors. 

Do I need specialized software to take part in this class?

No, you do not need specialized software. We will be using Zoom for the Live Webinars, which works with Windows and Mac and Linux computers.

What if I can't make one of the masterclasses?

Don't worry! Each class will be recorded for you. Each student will get a link to every masterclass as soon as the masterclass series ends, as well as all of the bonus materials promised above.

Will you look at my appeal letter for me?

Yes! Each registrant will get a personalized appeal letter critique from me.  

Will you look at my appeal letter from last year AND this year? 

You're welcome to send both to me. I love to see before and after appeal letters from this class!

What if I don't have time for these classes but I still want to learn about appeal letters? 

I have an Year End Appeals e-course that is available when you are. The Year End Appeals e-course is here.

Can I see a sample of this year end appeals e-course?

Yes! Just click here and you'll see a sample of the Year End Appeals e-course.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

100% YES. If you are dissatisfied with this annual report masterclass series for any reason, for 60 days after the masterclass I will be happy to give you a refund. 

I have another question that's not addressed here. Who do I talk with?

Just email us at or call 503-673-3863 and we will get right back to you.
Year End Fundraising
Register for this 3-part masterclass series and learn how you can double the return on your 2018 year end appeal letter.