This interview will share the depth you’ve been missing in your nonprofit communications and fundraising.

Haven’t you ever wondered how some nonprofits seem to have it all together?

Maybe they’re born with it.

Maybe it’s because they work hard on coordinating their communications and fundraising.

I interviewed Claire Axelrad, JD, CFRE, former Development Director for the San Francisco Food Bank (and other nonprofits) about what she’s seen change in the last 30 years, and what we can expect in the future of marketing and fundraising. It’s a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME, even since 2007.

I asked Claire:

1. Your session will be about the integration of fundraising and marketing, and why this is a nonprofit necessity in the 21st century. Why do you believe this to be a key leadership issue?

2. Can you elaborate on why is this so important in the 21st century?

3. Can’t marketing pave the way for fundraising; aren’t they different skill sets?

4. What’s the bottom line?


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