Shafted: Research Report Part 1


Why Nonprofit Fundraising Staff are Shafted



We’ve got a problem. Our nonprofit culture is SICK.

We’ve got low donor retention, high fundraising staff turnover, dwindling returns, increasing competition for dollars, and attacks from the private sector calling us “inefficient.”

Here’s our challenge: Whether it’s the Underdeveloped Report telling fundraisers we are set up to fail, with:

  • 6 months+ of no fundraising staff
  • The revolving door of fundraising professionals
  • No culture of philanthropy, and
  • No support from senior leadership

We know we often succeed in spite of, not because of our working environment!

Download this research report and learn more about how our system is sick.

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“Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to keep good help? Fundraising turnover drags our sector down. Let’s talk about why. http://ht.ly/nd5Pl”

Part 2 of this research report focuses on what we can do to stop this.